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  1. Hippo Campus

    PhD/PsyD For those who are licensed in NY, question about application process.

    I've completed my pre-doc and post-doc hours and have passed the EPPP. The only thing missing is me submitting the post-doc hours (Form 4). However, this following statement on the op.nysed.gov website is throwing me off: My post-doc experience ended in June (I have 1,750 post-doc hours), I...
  2. About the Ads
  3. procrastin8r

    Have I been punked!? ExamEdge practice EPPP tests...

    I'm starting to study for the EPPP, and have just purchased a bundle of Exam Edge practice EPPP tests for a steal. I thought the price was too good to be true, but what the hell? I'm afraid I was right, because I just passed my very first practice EPPP test (74/100 or a score of 534). This is...
  4. H

    EPPP out of state/Canada

    Has anyone ever taken the EPPP out of their state or in Canada? Based on what I’ve read, it’s allowed but it’s recommended to double check that there won’t be any issues. The only reason I’m looking into this is because I live on the east coast and need to take the EPPP and there are just so...
  5. TXneuronerd15


    When the eppp is scored, do they shave off literally the last 50 consecutive questions? Or is it random? Say out of 225 I got 151 correct, but not within the first 175 consecutive questions, but overall; when they shave off the 50 do I now have a score of 151/175? This is a make it or break it...
  6. A

    AATBS EPPP prep books, Academic Review flash cards, and bonus sample tests for sale

    2018 edition EPPP exam prep books includes exam strategies book and all 6 volumes. As a bonus will include: Academic review flash cards 5 sample exams 2 study notebooks Just used to pass my licensing exam this month! Good luck! Email [email protected] or message @adrynne on Instagram if...
  7. M

    EPPP study buddy

    Hi! I’ve signed up today to take the EPPP on October 15th and was wondering if anyone was interested in joining me to stay motivated and on track. I needed 4 more points to pass on my first attempt back in May. Now I know what I didn’t study and should have besides focusing on time...
  8. L

    $250 - AATBS Study volumes for EPPP 2018 eidtions

    2018 AATBS EPPP Study volumes - complete. Some wear and tear because the binding is horrible which made some pages come loose, but no markups, highlighting, ripped pages, and no missing pages. I used this and made personal study guides and passed with 637 on my first try. I accept payment via...
  9. CaliforniaPsyD

    Can you take EPPP before graduating?

    Does anyone know if I can take the EPPP prior to graduating with my doctorate degree? I plan to practice in California. I can see other posts on here where people mentioned taking it in different states during their internship year (pre-graduation), so is that allowed if I plan to eventually...
  10. G

    I passed the EPPP... now what?

    (Before you keep reading, this pertains only to getting licensed in California.) Hi everyone, so I think we can all agree that the licensure process is incredibly confusing and the CA Board of Psychology sucks at communication. I recently passed the EPPP (woo!) and have no clue whether I can...
  11. E

    PhD/PsyD PEPPP

    I recently took the Practice Eppp in a testing center. I would like to know if anyone has any information on amy correlation for the score on that test and the actual eppp?
  12. E

    Reactions to the "New" EPPP

    Hello. I am seeking the following at this time: (1) Connecting with someone who has taken the EPPP since March of this year. The exam was revised by ASPPB in mid-February. I am particularly interested in impressions of the exam relative to studying and preparation strategies used--including...
  13. Dr_LN

    For Sale Selling EPPP AATBS Flashcards (Purchased 12/2017)

    Selling AATBS flashcards for EPPP-- $55 (includes shipping) Originally purchased Dec 2017 for $110 (plus $20 shipping) Includes over 600 color-coded flashcards. A handful have additional notes written on them in pencil. Pictures available upon request.
  14. E

    EPPP Study Buddy, Materials, or Guidance

    Hi, I am have been procrastinating with my studying for the EPPP due to fear. I did very poorly on my first practice tests, likely since I did my BA and Masters almost 10 years ago, then went into educational psychology for a PhD in 2014. I am open to any advice from those who were also out of...
  15. M


    Hi- I’m looking to get my hands on the EPPP digital audio files or a CD of the EPPP lectures. Prefer AATBS or PSYCHPREP. Will pay fair price. Thanks-Melanie
  16. M

    PhD/PsyD Michigan Masters License changes for EPPP (DLLP) (TLLP)

    I am currently a temporary limited license psychologist in Michigan- I am currently completeing my post masters hours, and then I am planning on taking the EPPP. Michigan has been giving us masters people a hard time. When I applied for my license, they "changed" the requirements stating we...
  17. A

    For Sale EPPP 2017 Study Materials For Sale AATBS and some PsychPrep

    Hey all you fellow EPPP studiers. I recently passed the EPPP (yay), and am selling my materials and login info. I have ALL of the books from AATBS, the Silver package, including the flashcards and the exam strategies book. I also have a full set of Psychprep EPPP flash cards. Furthermore, I have...
  18. K

    EPPP Study Buddy/Partner

    Hi Everyone, I have failed the EPPP 2 times, though I improved significantly the second time. I want to continue to do things different. . I live in NY, I can do email, FT, in person, phone...whatever works. I think that having someone going through a similar situation will be helpful. Thanks
  19. D

    EPPP Materials

    Selling: Psych Prep Study Book 2012 $75 Psych Prep Study Book 2010 $50 AATBs Books 2013 $150 AATBs Books 2015. $199 AATBs Flashcards. $45 Audio CD Psych Prep $75 Original Audio CD AATBs original $75 Original Plus shipping cost no handling cost Also I have some study stuff I will throw in for...
  20. C

    PhD/PsyD Taking the EPPP as a diabetic

    Perhaps a long shot, but anyone here have T1 diabetes and have taken the EPPP? Or know someone who did? If so, how did you/they handle needing to keep tabs on/possibly respond to your/their blood sugar during the exam? I'm planning to call the potential test center in advance of scheduling...
  21. N

    2017 EPPP Study Materials For Sale

    I just passed the EPPP (first try, scaled score = 627) and am selling my AATBS prep books. I found these super helpful - these were the only prep materials I bought. One of the books has a bit of highlighting, otherwise just normal wear-and-tear from reading, but no writing. Books were $350...
  22. ItsNotMe_ItsYou

    PhD/PsyD EPPP - How to Prepare, Practice, & PASS

    I hope this thread can become a resource for anyone who is planning to take or retake the EPPP in the foreseeable future. To my knowledge, no such thread exists. I believe it would be beneficial to have one centralized location for future test-takers to discuss and share how to best prepare...
  23. T

    I took PEPPO and passed, studying AATBS..what about scores for EPPP?

    Hello....I took my second PEPPP test at the testing center and got a 523. My last scores on AATBS were 64, 70 and 68. I am wondering if I can take the EPPP in 3.5 weeks? I have been studying 36 hours a week for 4 months now. If I don't take it in 3.5 weeks, the next slot at the testing center is...
  24. E

    EPPP tutor wanted LA area

    Hello! I am looking for an EPPP tutor in Los Angeles, preferably on the East side (Pasadena, Alhambra, Eagle Rock, etc.). I am willing to travel if necessary. I need someone who has passed the test and feels competent to provide tutoring services to help me prepare for the EPPP. Primarily, I...
  25. L

    PhD in clinical psychology (UK)

    Hey! I finished my undergrad in Neurobiology this year in the United States, and my future goal is to be a child psychologist. I wanted to know what are my chances of getting a license to practice in the United States, if I go abroad (mainly UK) to do a PhD in child psychology. I also would...
  26. C

    EPPP Materials for Sale

    Looking for materials.... Especially anything electronic. Also looking for PsychPrep's written materials. Thanks!
  27. B

    For Sale EPPP materials and exams

    I am selling the following materials for the EPPP: AATBS workbooks + strategies book (I got them directly from ATTBS in the beginning of 2016 but it shows 2015 in the footnote). I am the only one who used them. They have highlighting and the overview sections at the ends of each chapter are...
  28. P

    EPPP dates Bay Area, CA

    Hi all, Can anyone shed light on how often the EPPP is held across the Bay Area? I know it varies by city, but I haven't been able to find any published schedule. A rough idea would do to try and figure out when I want to give it. How quickly do spots get filled up? Thanks!
  29. S

    Does anyone know of any eppp coaches?

    Hi! I am pretty bummed right now. I took the eppp in march after getting 100's and 90's on all the academic review tests (I studied for 3 mos) and quizzes but failed and retook it yesterday and failed by 20 points. :( the second time I did all the aatbs practice tests and was getting scores in...
  30. I

    WTB EPPP Prep Materials

    I would like to buy the supplementary EPPP test materials from AATBS. I would also be willing to buy similar materials from other sources. The materials that I'm the most interested in include the Color Coded Flashcards, DSM-5 Transition Pack, and Theories of Psychotherapy Chart. If anybody has...
  31. pittpsych2014

    2 year window for EPPP at VA...?

    Greetings! I have a question for VA folks. I received an informal offer yesterday while interviewing at VA hospital (yay!). The chief stated that he'd really like me to take the EPPP "within a month" (such that I am fully licensed by projected start date of September 2017) because he doesn't...
  32. D

    Advice on Getting Licensed in Massachusetts

    Having just gotten licensed as a psychologist in Massachusetts (and having found the process convoluted and overwhelming at times), I decided to write a short blog with tips on the process. You can find it here: Bits and Pieces Hope it helps!
  33. K

    Wanted: EPPP PsychPrep Audio

    Looking for just the PsychPrep audio cd's for the EPPP from the weekend workshop. Please email [email protected] if you are interested in selling them.
  34. D

    Wanted EPPP Study Materials -- Text, audio or exams

    Hi, I would like to borrow/ buy recent EPPP study materials - text books/booklets, audio (CD/, mp3) , flash cards or practice tests. Please let me know if you no longer need yours. You can also send me an e-mail to [email protected] Thank you!
  35. M

    Can I Still Take the EPPP

    I last failed the EPPP in 2009. I'm thinking about trying again but heard rumors that I may no longer be eligible. I checked the NY State board and found nothing. Does anyone know about this?
  36. A

    Need some EPPP support

    Hi everyone! I'm new to the group and just wanted to connect with you all. I finished my post-Doc hours back in 2012 and have been a full time mom to my growing family since then. It is a joy but has necessitated my taking a break from EPPP prep. I am feeling ready to start prep work for the...
  37. R

    AATBS EPPP Notecards for Sale 2016

    Unmarked Notecards for sale for $65; Perfect condition; Helped to pass the EPPP on the first try!
  38. C

    For Sale Two sets of AATBS EPPP materials

    Hello- Decreased price! I have 2 sets of AATBS study materials. Both sets come with the comprehensive study volumes, flash cards and strategies booklet. One is very used. (price $250 obo). The newer one has been used by one person and comes with study volumes, and several other items...
  39. A

    Multiple Unsuccessful EPPP Attempts :(

    I moved my whole life from paradise (San Diego) to upstate New York to complete my post doc and become licensed in New York. I completed my required supervised hours in October 2015, and since then, have unsuccessfully attempted the EPPP 4 times. In New York, a converted score of 75 is...
  40. I

    PhD/PsyD EPPP- sitting during internship/before degree conferred

    Hello, I apologize in advance if this has been posted elsewhere. I am currently on internship and looking to take the EPPP during the internship year. Are you aware of any states that allow you to apply for the licensure process and be eligible to sit for the EPPP during internship aka before...
  41. M

    EPPP Taylor Study Method Prep in Pairs Partner?