For Sale EPPP - Selling AATBS (2019), PsychPrep (2010) and Academic Review (2013) materials! ( I passed on my first try with 680 after ~2 months of studying)

May 26, 2019
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First of all, congrats to you for getting approved to sit for the EPPP! A few weeks ago, I passed the EPPP on my first try with a 680 after about 2 months of studying (started in February, had to take a month off studying in the middle, and took the test mid-May) using a mixture of AATBS (2019), PsychPrep (2010) and Academic Review (2013) materials. I personally found it helpful not to rely on only one source of material as the wording and content on the actual EPPP did draw on all three.

Here's what I'm selling:
I bought 2019 AATBS EPPP Essentials Study Package: EPPP Exam Prep, Workshops & Study Tools | AATBS. If you buy it from me, my online login will give you access to audio lectures, section quizzes, one-on-one phone coaching and 8 practice exams - online access expires August 21. In addition, you will get the physical study guides, which I did highlight (sorry). The original price is $1129 and I'm selling this for $430 OBO. If you only want an item or two from the package, I can do that too!

I also bought 5 PsychPrep practice exams from 2010, and 5 Academic Review practice exams from 2013 from another grad student for $25 each and I'm selling these for $20 each.

Or you can buy all of the above for $550 :)

I'm also throwing in for FREE:
1. notes that I made myself, including a list of words you need to know for the exam
2. other practice exams that I got for free from others
3. phone coaching with me: I'm happy with my score of 680, especially given the amount of time I put in so if I can be of help over phone, I'd be delighted!

Thank you for reading the post! Good luck and congrats again on making it this far :)
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