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Jan 9, 2024
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I have all of the following for sale (to be sold together):

- all materials from PsychPrep
- Mometrix EPPP Fundamentals (digital and hard copy) study guide
- EPPP Flashcards (one set for each of the domains)
- EPPP (print outs of all lessons, 300+ pages)
- Modern Psychologist Study Guide (238 pages)
- Digital study guides on a variety of topics (developmental, important people, EPPP mnemonics, medications to know, definitions, etc.)
- another digital study guide (91 pages)
- practice tests

MAKE ME AN OFFER !!!!! .... Please email me at [email protected] or text 716-572-1654.

This is a HUGE value that will save someone a lot of cash!! (Psychprep materials approx. $450, Mometrix Fundamentals Book $75, EPPP Flashcards $199, EPPP $60, and much much more!!!)

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