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Nov 17, 2001
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  1. Attending Physician
I am starting to get frustrated trying to write 3-4 different personal statements and still sound sincere.

My first choice is surgery and I have a great statement for that, but trying to write one for IM & FP and not have it sound like a second choice is getting hard.

Since I am an FMG I am applying to multiple disciplines to avoid not matching. If I dont get a categorical spot in surgery, I would rather do IM or FP than do a prelim year. I think I would pump gas before doing a prelim year at a place that I had no chance to get into a categorical spot. Plus, I am geographically limited by choice- I don't want to move.

Then I wonder if a IM or FP program that would take an FMG would even read a personal statement anyway?

Suggestions? or anyone wanna talk ERAS stuff??



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May 29, 2002
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all your choices are relatively easy to match in right now, since many of those programs don't fill through the match anyway. Checkout and click on the Unfilled Match Stats from 2002 and 2001 to see if programs you are looking at are listed there. If so, you have no worries - if you dont' match into a surgery program, just scramble into an unmatched spot somewhere.

I understand that location is important, but residency is temporary. You should really be focusing on what you want to do, and try not to completely limit yourself so much. Surgery is a whole different thing from IM or FP, so if you really want surgery you probably won't be happy in the others.


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Apr 3, 2002
Well, I think if you're a competitive IMG you might actually be able to get a decent Gen Surg, IM, or FP program... these specialties are all quite easy to match into nowadays, so take advantage.

As far as your PS problem goes, I only had to change one paragraph and maybe sub the word Anesthesiology for Radiology at a couple other spots to change my main Rads PS to a back-up Anesthesia PS.

Sure I'll talk ERAS... I'll start... I transmitted on Opening Day to 140 Rads programs and I'm already itching for interview invites (hell, even a rejection e-mail would be good at this point lol)... I know, I know... patience is a virtue...
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