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Jul 18, 2003
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Does anyone have any experience about getting a job in EU once I finish residency? I have all the papers in terms of work rights/citizenship. But I do not know if the MD/PhD from here transfers to EU, and what is the process of getting a job somewhere there. I don't really care where, but I want to be in Europe, because both my husband and are from European countries and we want to be closer to our families.




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Nov 17, 1999
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You should post this in the 'Europe' forum. People there are more knowledgeable about the different systems.

In general, I can say that it is rather difficult to transfer medical training from one country to another. Each nation has its own system and its own demands, and usually you have to take a test and repeat some of your training, depending on the system and the stage at which you transfer. Also, most countries require a working knowledge of the language.
Right now, the EU is working on standardizing requirements for medical training across member countries, to make it easier to move around within Europe. But that won't apply to US-trained candidates.

For research it is much easier. It is quite common to move between countries for research positions; and although traditionally there have been many more research opportunities in the US than abroad, that is changing slowly. It is better now than it was five years ago, and doubtless will be better still five years from now.


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Oct 10, 2004
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I agree with tr's comments. The only thing I would add is that there are established MD/PhD programs in Europe (Switzerland and Germany that I know of). You should check out the Swiss MD-PhD Association ( and contact them with questions as well. They're a good starting point.
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