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May 14, 2018
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    Hi all,

    I have two signed hardcopy LORs on me (1 DPM, 1 Professor). Both are difficult to contact via e-mail for virtual evaluation requests... the DPM is on vacation and the professor is 700+ miles away, on summer break.

    Here are my questions:

    1.) Will AACPMAS accept my application without uploading electronic evaluations at this time?
    2.) Dumb question - is every school waitlisting at this point?

    Thanks so much


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    Dec 16, 2019

      I hope I can help a little bit, but if you are unable to send the LORs through the AACPM website, I do believe it is possible to send in your application, since it is possible to submit your application even if no evaluators have submitted their evaluation. You will need to talk to all schools on how you can send in your LORs to them, for example NYCPM allows them to be sent in by hard copy, however that probably will take longer. Really the best thing you can do is contacting each schools admissions!

      Many schools are currently just interviewing just for the wait list, so if you are not interested in interviewing for a wait-list position, I would reach out to the schools not only to ask about how you can send your LORs but also if they are interviewing just for the wait list. Also don't lose hope interviewing for a wait-list position! The schools that I know that are currently just interviewing for a wait-list position are Midwestern, Scholl, Barry, and possibly WesternU, but please just reach out to admissions from each school as they will be able to tell you exactly!

      I'm so sorry if I wasnt able to help so much, but I wish you good luck!
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