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  1. Hi, so far I've been accepted to EVMS, my 2nd choice of schools--I think... EVMS staff and the dean are really wonderful people. I found out over the phone that I was pulled off their waitlist. The place is beautiful, and the students are great.

    However, tomorrow I'll find out where I stand at MCW, my 1st choice--I think... To be honest, when I was at MCW, I did get that feeling that it felt like home. I've been thinking about the pros and cons with reputation and location, but I still would like some advice.

    Would MCW offer me better chances at securing a residency, perhaps in CA? I would like the option of coming back... would the snow be too hard to deal with?

    EVMS seems to be really great at clinical training, but I am a little worried about being competitive when I finish, unless I'm at the top of my class... Any thoughts? Your response would be greatly appreciated...

    Thanks so much

    P.S. I checked out the AMSA school ranking thing, and EVMS holds its own vs. MCW, and in fact, has been rated slightly higher, but only 5 people from EVMS participated in the survey, while 16 MCW people participated, which I suppose are almost equal percentages of their class...
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    I don't know a whole lot about EVMS but am a student at MCW so I'll try to give you some answers.

    Firstly, Milwaukee is cold and snowy from November to March, no doubt about it. We have 35-40 people from California here and they all deal with it fine. Sure, its a hobby to complain about the weather and the freeways (average speed is a LOT slower than Cali), but most do fine. Lived in the southwest for 6 years prior to coming here and acclimated pretty easily.

    As for the school, I feel I got a top notch education and had an opportunity to go into any field I wanted. The clinical education as MCW is top notch with a beautiful new hospital that acts as both a pseudo county (no official county hospital) and a tertiary referral center. Plus, you get your choice of 4 other hospitals to do you 3rd year rotations.

    Coming back to California from MCW is definitely possible, even if you are not top of the class. I would say the vast majority of those who wanted to go back were able to. Getting into more competitive specialties out there is difficult, and you probably do have to be top of your class no matter where you go to school.

    I think EVMS is much more primary care oriented than MCW (check both match lists on mcwmd.com)and isn't as well known for research and specialties. Thats about all I know about the school.

    Good luck with your decision and congrats on you acceptances.
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    To make things tough, I will add a plug for EVMS. It is beautiful, and yes, they emphasize primary care, but your education will be what you make it. I did an elective there (I am from Chicago) and their program is phenomenal. Less administrative support for students than we got, but academically, it would be tough to beat. They brag incessantly that they have one of the highest school averages for Step 1 and 2 and they Match really well. Everyone I met while I was there loved it. Good luck deciding.
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