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Nov 6, 2006
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Is anyone else having this problem- I'm have such a hard time with general chem. When I do the 30min lecture exams for EK, I would get around 6s. I guess I know my weakness. Anybody have this problem?


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Mar 23, 2002
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you should read the chapters more than 1 time to really get all of it. Read each chapter three times during the course of a week, and then do their 1001 questions. If that doesn't help, then you should change your test-taking strategy. slow down and read the question so u understand exactly what they are asking you. EK 30 min exams are really tricky, so you have to expect that the "obvious" looking answer is wrong from the get go.


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Jun 23, 2005
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Sorry to be off topic but...

Does anyone else find it annoying when people refer to General Chemistry as "Inorganic Chemistry" like EK in this case. For clarification, inorganic chemistry is the study of the main group elements with the exception of the specific chemistry of Carbon, Oxygen, and Nitrogen. Inorganic Chemistry itself is not directly tested on the MCAT, but may be in the context of a passage. General Chemistry on the other hand is the chemistry that is the introduction to chemistry. Gen Chem comprises of the stuff that is tested on the MCAT (like solution chemistry, atomic structure/theory, acids and bases, etc.) Inorganic Chem is more to do with Ligand Field Theory, Tanabe-Sugano, Coordination Chemistry, etc.

Actually quite recently, one of my good friends came to me in full panic-mode exclaiming how medical schools are requiring at least two semesters of inorganic chem (he thought it was actual transition metal chem). So I think this issue needs to be addressed by the AAMC, AMCAS, etc.
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