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Jun 23, 2010
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Hey folks,

Round II for me here with applying. Have to retake this year but wanted to know if any of you who have used Examkrackers had any thoughts on the predictive values of the end of lecture exams they give? I have batted roughly around 80% on all of them (got destroyed, absolutely destroyed in some physics passages but made up for it in others) and was just curious how you found the "real" MCAT compared to these?


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Jul 16, 2015
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not totally sure how representative they are regarding scoring, but they definitely are good practice. the problem with those exams is that each one focuses on the subject you just learned. most MCAT topics actually integrate multiple subjects into one passage.

Overall, the real MCAT is tougher in a sense that you need to have a solid foundation in everything & be able to integrate it all (rather than just one subject at a time). so i wouldn't take their scoring to heart... if you like EK you should consider buying their FL exams. They're harder than the in class exams (and the MCAT I think), but way more representative!