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Apr 10, 2004
From the Chandler Experimental Theory thread:
One last thing. If there is indeed an experimental section, it wouldn't make sense to put a 10 question passage on slot 8 or 9. Believe or not test takers know that most students will run out of time. It would be fruitless to put an experimental section for the end. Remember to maximize an experimental section, it is ideal if all test takers TRY to take that passage. Therefore, I propose that all experimental sections are in slot 4, 5, or 6. This means that ONE COULD logicaly PREDICT the experimental section. Also, you wouldn't want to put a 10 question passage on slot 1,2, or 3 because these passages are too soon to MAXIMIZE a student's concentration. Here is an exercise. Go over AAMC 3,4,5, and 6. Try to spot where the 10 question passage is located. TRY THIS ON THE REAL MCAT!!
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