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Nov 10, 2005
Hello everyone. I need your comments. For reaplicants, we need to do a few things to improve our resume right. I am retaking the MCAT, I also have a 3.3 science GPA so I have been advised to take additional classes thru extension education. Has anyone been advised by their counselors to do the same in their year off? I was advised by one counselor, but the courses are so expensive, plus it will not increase my GPA that much. All it shows is that I am still in school, taking courses. Have anyone taken online sciences courses, what are the work load? Any comments frm you guys are appreciated. thanks.

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Aug 14, 2004
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Have you graduated yet? If so, any courses you take after graduating are considered post-bacc studies and are added to your undergrad GPA and tallied as a separate GPA by AMCAS. I was advised to take biochemistry as a post-bacc class because I had a pretty weak biology background though tons of clinical experience. I took the course through my alma mater, which offers a discount to alumni. When I didn't get in last year, I decided to enter a graduate program in epidemiology to really bolster my resume.

Sorry, I don't really know much about extension courses though.
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