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Nov 16, 2005
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Hello all,

I really need some advice. I just found out that I failed Step 2. I have gone to 3 interviews so far and have 12 more scheduled. I barely passed Step 1, so does anyone have any advice as to what to tell my interviewers when they ask me why I failed?? AND...does failing Step 2 mean that I have no chance of matching?? Will I still match if programs like me? Does this totally ruin my life??. Has anyone failed Step 2 and STILL MATCHED??? Really need some encouragement. Thanks.

Oh by the way...I'm applying for Peds.


Although I'm still technically a pre-med I do know someone who passed Step I strongly for Internal medicine and failed step II, then took it again and failed again, matched at the location and had to pass it for graduation from the school and before the person was able to start the residency. Took it a third time and passed strongly, and simply started the residency a few months behind schedule. That's what I know. No details on actual scores but I would be willing to say keep your chin up and tell of any specific circumstances that might have hindered your performance (if any). Best of luck!
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