Failing NBME advice

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Jun 25, 2018
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So long story short, I’ve taken 4 NBME’s (13,15,16,19) through my dedicated study (I’m 6 weeks in) and have scored between 170-190. Got a 220 on uworld1 when I was about 76% with my First pass on uworld
I finished UW with a 56%

I have step 1 scheduled in 3 weeks and I was thinking about extending it until October. That way I can do 2 other q banks and more anki

My questions are:

Is it bad to take a semester off to study for step1 if I’m not passing and want to score above 235-240?
Also if I take the semester off and finish all qbanks and uwrold anki I pretty much don’t have anymore practice tests to see where I am.. has anyone taken a semester off?
I think a 240+ first time with an extra semester is better than a 210 or a fail taking it on time. Am I wrong?

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