1. R

    "Engaging diversity" secondary question

    Hi there! I'm attempting to pre-write a secondary for the question: "Describe the effect that your experiences with engaging diversity have had on your own growth and development. Provide an example and describe how it will impact your career in the medical profession." I'm wondering if y'all...
  2. Flying Penguin

    Yet another Adversity/Challenge Essay topics thread...

    I am thinking of addressing the adversity/challenge prompt with one or more from the following topics: The immigrant experience, overcoming language and cultural barriers. I had a unique upbringing in that I was born in China, my family moved to Japan when I was six, moved back to China after...
  3. B

    In secondaries, should I/how do I say that a manuscript has been submitted to a journal?

    Hi everyone! So I'm pre-writing secondaries. Should I mention that I'm third author on a manuscript that has been submitted to a journal? Or do they only care about papers that have already been published?
  4. Flying Penguin

    The "future goal" secondaries

    For secondaries that ask question in the vein of "how do you plan to impact medicine in the future?" I feel like as a pre-med I am still limited in my knowledge of the medical landscape, and although I have a lot of clinical and non-clinical experience, I find myself stumbling to find concrete...
  5. sproutlatte

    Interviewing before receiving MCAT scores? [2020-2021]

    I've submitted quite a few DO secondaries, but I'm taking the MCAT in July. Which schools, if any, will be interviewing before receiving MCAT scores?
  6. E

    Diversity essay topic help

    Hi all, Here is what I am thinking about writing and I would greatly appreciate feedback. I have read on here that immigrant diversity essays are very common but I wanted to see if mine made a case to be unique. I moved to the US when I was 7 from the middle east and did not know any English...
  7. S

    Help with adversity essay topic?

    Hi all, First, please don't quote any more than you need to. This is all kind of personal, so I'd like to be able to go back and edit/remove what people see if for whatever reason I feel it's necessary (although I've made sure not to include anything that I couldn't live with if a troll decided...
  8. V

    Is it okay to talk about bisexuality in a diversity essay?

    I grew up in a very Catholic, southern household, and both my parents came from rural areas. I have no ill feelings towards Christianity or towards rural areas, and wouldn't change anything about myself or where I grew up. I feel like my orientation and the experiences I've had because of it...
  9. 4

    Which secondaries don’t ask about misdemeanors and/or criminal records?

    Hi all, I have a retail fraud misdemeanor from high school that will be expunged so I don’t have to report in primary. I’m wondering which schools’ secondaries don’t ask about criminal histories and misdemeanors. Mainly I’m trying to narrow down my school list. I’ll still apply to schools that...
  10. F

    Secondaries - Adversity/Challenge Essay topic advice

    Whats up everyone. I am currently debating two topics for secondary prompts asking about adversity/personal challenges and I was hoping to get some advice from the community. Topic A - My family grew up somewhat poor, with my dad commonly working 80+ hours per week across multiple jobs, living...
  11. sputniksweetheart

    Feedback on diversity essay topic?

    Hi everyone! I'm struggling to pick the topic I should write about for the standard 'diversity' essay. I'm between a "safe" option that may sound cliché or something that's unique, but a little bit riskier? I'd really appreciate any feedback. My first option, talking about growing in a...
  12. C

    Med School Secondaries

    Pardon my novice question, I know one should always check beforehand before applying, but I was wondering when applying to US MD/DO Schools, if an applicant were not to meet the pre-requisites for entry, would they ever still proceed to the secondaries round? Anyone here know of what MD/DO...
  13. D

    Appropriate Diversity Topic?

    Hi all, I've really appreciated the feedback I've received from this community thus far, and I was hoping for insight once again. I’m struggling to figure out whether my diversity essay topic is appropriate. It seems more interesting than talking about my time being a high school oboist or...
  14. R

    Asking about LGBTQ+ identity on secondary application

    Hi everyone! I'm a current M1 working with our LGBTQ+ student group and some faculty on revamping our secondary app. For the first time last year we asked about LGBTQ+ identities (1 q about sexual orientation, another about gender identity), both with several options (I don't know specifics, but...
  15. C

    Help with my diversity essay!! PLEASE IM DESPERATE AND OUT OF IDEAS

    Hello! I am new to posting on sdn but have been browsing forums throughout this whole application process. I am almost done all of my secondaries but have been struggling with the basic diversity essay. I completed undergrad in the US but I am not a US resident/citizen and are planning to do med...
  16. robin22


  17. A


  18. ChromeFile1

    Update Letter in July?

    I've sent secondaries to all of my schools earlier this month, and 3 of my research papers (2 primaries, 1 secondary authorship) have been accepted for publication. Is this reason to reach out right now to schools accepting updates? Any help would be much appreciated!
  19. M

    MD Scared Rural First Generation App--Will I get in?

    I'm terrified. I'm in this alone, and I feel like I don't have enough community service hours! Rural and Underserved birthplace and residence. West Virginia Degree: Chemistry, State University MCAT: 512 GPA: 3.68 BCPM, 4.0 AO, 3.77 Total Clinical Volunteer: 104 hours at hospital, but counting on...
  20. P

    Discussing withdrawal

    So I have 1 "W" on my transcript from dropping out of calculus based physics to just taking the algebra based. My reasoning isn't that great in the medical school eyes, as I was just basically getting lost in the math and didn't feel like I was learning that well, so I wanted to focus more on...
  21. T

    Question about reusing hardship for secondary essay (UTSW)

    Hey guys, One of the questions for UTSW's MSTP secondary is: If you wish, please describe major hardships or adversity you have overcome to reach this point in your life (if none, please state “none”). I was wondering if I could reuse my hardship essay topic from my TMDSAS primary...
  22. S

    "Why should we accept you?"

    Hello everyone! What is your approach to answering this question for secondaries and/or interviews? I personally struggle with selling myself, and have no idea how to even start to answer this question
  23. T

    Failure experience essay ideas, advice needed

    Hey guys, I'm applying this coming cycle and was brainstorming a couple ideas for the failure/unsuccessful experience secondary essays. I have two ideas I've kinda narrowed down to: Talk about my tutoring experience and how I failed to get through to one of my first students and motivate/help...
  24. V


  25. G

    Diversity Secondaries

    I am a white female, but I think I have been exposed to slightly different environment than applicants with a similar profile to me. They are all related to blue collar, low middle class income: 1. Deep understanding of how addiciton impacts every aspect of life: my brother battled alcohol...
  26. T

    Need opinions on topics for secondary questions

    For the diversity question: I was raised Jewish and still practice Judaism but I went to a catholic high school because it was much better then my public high school and I wanted to go, we took religious study classes and I routinely went to masses, was taught by nuns and brothers and their was...
  27. Dr. ThorStrange

    Who is considered URM?

    Who, on this list, is considered URM? Black/African American Hispanic/Latino Native American Hawaiian Asian White (European Descent) White (Middle Eastern Descent) What do you guys think?
  28. 8

    Accused of Plagiarism after submitted AMCAS and secondaries.

    Hey guys, So I was just accused of plagiarizing a summary of a research article. This research article had a lot of scientific terms that could not be changed and I did paraphrase a lot of the aims and discussion to summarize. Apparently I misunderstood the assignment and we were supposed to go...
  29. futureFormerChild

    Submitting secondaries in mid-late august

    When do people who've submitted in mid to late august start to hear back from schools?
  30. S

    Applying to more schools later in the cycle

    Hi everyone! I submitted my secondaries very early on, and have not heard anything back with regards to interviews. I'm starting to think that my list may have been too top-heavy (MCAT 521, cGPA 3.6, sGPA 3.5), I applied to mostly top 20 schools. Do y'all think it would be worth it for me to...
  31. B

    Chances of Acceptance

    Good afternoon, I know my application is no longer considered early, but I wanted to ensure I still have a chance of acceptance. I am applying with a 4.0 science GPA and a 3.97 overall GPA, my MCAT score is 505 (126/126/127/126). I have 230 shadowing hours, 100 volunteer hours, created a club on...
  32. AmericanArthurDent

    Tough spot: interview and chances questions

    Hi all, This is my first time posting. I am a first time applicant and so far I feel like I've grasped the process. Submitted my primary on June 4th, secondaries in timely manners. I have a decent app, but I know nothing about the post-secondary application process. Some of my friends have...
  33. AmericanArthurDent

    Interview info and chances help

    Hi all, This is my first time posting. I am a first time applicant and so far I feel like I've grasped the process. Submitted my primary on June 4th, secondaries in timely manners. I have a decent app, but I know nothing about the post-secondary application process. Some of my friends have...
  34. sweatytshirt

    Submitting More Secondaries?

    Hi! I recently received secondaries from Howard and Meharry, and I'm trying to decide whether or not I should submit them. I already have acceptances at 2 DO schools, and I have interviews at 4 MD schools. My question basically is: Is it even worth it to try to go to Howard and Meharry when I...
  35. A

    Secondary challenge essay ideas, please help!

    Two ideas In my senior year I took on a role in a a peer health organization that required me to act as a leader of a team of four other seniors, one of them that I was friends with. Our team had to research a specific health topic three times per semester and make outreach materials that we...
  36. R

    Secondary Topics Need Help

    Hi all! Looking for some feedback on my potential topics for the diversity and adversity secondaries: Adversity 1. Mom's recent health scare where she had post menopausal bleeding and went in to see an OB-GYN who attempted to perform an endometrial biopsy but was unsuccessful bc my mom was...
  37. S

    overwhelmed with secondaries.. need advice

    Hello all! I am currently very overwhelmed with secondaries as I feel like I have no idea what to write about. That's why I came here to get your advice on some secondary essay prompts. Challenge essays: when I was little, we won the green card lottery. Thus, my dad moved to the US when I was...
  38. boundlesscorpuscle

    Just Another Diversity Essay Thread...

    Hello lovely people of SDN. I am sorry to subject you to another query about the diversity essay, but alas, here I am. I'm really struggling with this one, despite taking @Goro 's advice of determining what's "cool" about me. I feel that many of my interests and endeavors have been pretty...
  39. boundlesscorpuscle

    Challenge/Adversity/Failure Prompts

    Hi there, So, like many others I am working on secondary essays, and I am stumbling over one of the most common types of prompts, i.e. the challenge/adversity/failure question. My family is pretty firmly in the White, suburban, lower-middle class, so I have been fortunate to lead a relatively...