1. A

    New York State Schools HS Graduation Question

    Hi everyone, I am a NY state resident applying to several NY schools. Some of these schools ask in their secondary if you graduated from a NY high school within 5 years of applying for medical school. I graduated in June 2017 and submitted my app in mid-June 2022, with my app being verified in...
  2. K

    How does secondary essay processing work? How long does it take?

    I'm taking my Casper on August 11th (tomorrow) and since Casper takes 2-3 weeks to process and be sent to schools, I was contemplating just submitting the secondary essays for both AMCAS and TMDSAS after Casper gets sent out. I don't see the point of submitting the secondary essays before...
  3. S

    challenge essay topic please help!

    I am really struggling to try to find a good challenge essay topic. here are some of the ideas I thought of: - my transition to college: I attended the same small private school from k-12th grade so going to college was a big change. i had trouble making friends during my first year and being a...
  4. J

    Using abbreviations in secondaries?

    I am currently pre-writing secondary essays for WVU, and their prompts have such low word counts! I am writing about my experience in the National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS) and wanted to know if I could use the abbreviation to save space? In a previous question, I already wrote...
  5. C

    Writing about being poor in secondaries but not checking "disadvantaged"?

    Hello, I have a question about writing my secondaries. I grew up in a low income family and community, from which I saw various perspectives that I wanted to talk about in my secondary essays. However, I didn't check the "disadvantaged" box on my primary application, mainly because I felt that...
  6. F

    Challenge essay ideas?

    Is it okay to write about dealing with the loss of a loved one as a part of the 'describe a time you face a challenging situation' essay? I am unsure if it is too emotional/personal a topic to be addressed. (If anyone is willing to look over a rough draft to see if it is appropriate, then I...
  7. bouncydidit

    Advice on how to answer this secondary question?

  8. C


  9. D

    Suggestions for "why do you want to go to school in this state" secondary?

    Hello everyone. I've been prewriting my secondaries, and came up with my own mix of ideas on this one. But, would appreciate if anyone has recommendations or examples! (I'm actually in-state, but (a) apart from a few issues specific to the state, just saying "I feel at home here" feels weak...
  10. C

    Thoughts on adversity/diversity secondary ideas?

  11. P

    MCAT, Secondaries, etc. Advice, please!

    Hi everyone, Wanted to ask about secondaries, MCAT, etc. I know there is a ton of info available but I just wanted to see if anyone had specific advice for my situation. I am taking the MCAT end of June. I was scheduled for next week but had a minor incident and have spent a few days on pain...
  12. D

    Long Secondary Turnaround Time and October Secondaries - Should I be worried?

    I was verified and received my secondaries in mid-August. I have been working on them during this time, but I have been unable to submit half of these applications until now, in mid-October. I am a high-stat applicant (99th %ile MCAT/3.9GPA) with well-rounded experiences. I have been very slow...
  13. Alessandra20

    dreaded secondaries

    how did you guys tackle the diversity essay? I'm currently applying and have been targeted and hit with the "we value diversity in strengthening our community. Share your experiences or perspective on this topic." I know I can just talk about my diversity regarding being a minority but I feel...
  14. G

    How "about" is "about X characters"

    Case is asking for "1 page, about 3500 characters" for its secondary and I have 4100 (a page and 3 lines). It's about my research, so it's hard to cut down without neglecting some part of the question. Is it fine to submit a little over the limit here?
  15. A

    Talking about spirituality when overcoming a challenge?

  16. B

    Could I use this high school experience for either the Challenge prompt or Failure/Feedback prompt?

    Hey everyone, I volunteered in a research lab during the summer of 2015, which was the summer before my senior year of high school. I initially came into the lab wanting to produce a project that I can use in the Intel Science Fair. On the first day, the PI introduced me to everyone in the lab...
  17. cartortureismybandname

    Forgot to mention something in secondaries. what should I do?

    I forgot to explain withdrawing from a TA position. I forgot because it was actually really minor. I didn't get accepted for the TA position back in Novemeber and only noticed I was receiving credit for it the Monday right after drop/add week some time in January. The professor had accidentally...
  18. W

    No Solid Gap Year Plans

    Some of the schools I am applying to have the secondary prompt asking about what I am planning to do during my gap year. What if I do not have solid plans but I am interested in some opportunities. Would listing the opportunities I am interested in acceptable?
  19. Q

    Secondary Prompt: Diversity Essay

    I've been really struggling to write my diversity essay, but I think I've come up with a decent angle for it. I'm a straight white male that hasn't faced any particularly unique challenges, so I'm really looking for anything interesting to write about. The best idea that I have so far is...
  20. A

    Adversity and Diversity Secondaries

    I'm just having difficulty choosing topics for these secondaries. Also some of these topics kind of go hand in hand with each other so I'd appreciate any feedback as to which topic to use for adversity vs diversity. 1. Immigrant: I immigrated when I was 14 years old and started off in the US as...
  21. SevenLime

    Do private, for-profit schools care if grads stay in state? Speculation on essay theme pandering

    I'm speculating on the best practices to write an essay for a for-profit school. Generally, very prestigious schools care little about their students having ties to the school's state. My theory is that as a school becomes stronger and more desirable (academic excellence, selective admissions...
  22. LindaAccepted

    Medical 5 Tips for Submitting Your TMDSAS Secondaries

    When you apply to TMDSAS, you can select from thirteen medical schools in Texas to submit your application to. Twelve of these schools require secondaries. The secondary essays are due when you submit your primary application. You submit these essays directly to the schools, at the same time...
  23. F

    Mid-October too late to apply?

    I wasn't planning on applying to DO schools this cycle, but was able to obtain a physician's LoR last minute so I figured it was in my best interest given my stats. I wanted to know if mid-October is simply too late to submit my primaries for DO schools- Sub-par stats (worst of it was an MCAT...
  24. B

    Yet another "diversity" question

    Hi friends! Disclaimer: I've changed up what lies below because it used to be (mildly) personally identifying information. In conjunction with the rest of my posts it could've been used to figure out who I am, so I've censored it. I'm going through secondaries from a set of schools that ask...
  25. R


  26. B

    Is it safe to disclose that you're part of the LGBTQ+ community?

    I'm applying to U Wisconsin-Madison and the secondary asks: "Do you identify as a member of the LGBTQ+ community?" Yes/No (it doesn't give like options to say what exactly you are) I'm a bi girl who's actually never had a gf before, so I kinda feel like a fraud/asking for diversity points if I...
  27. Lifeblood_20

    Struggling to finish secondaries - quality v.s. speed

    I got most of my secondaries around 7/31. I have been prioritizing my in-state/target schools, polishing my essays until I am satisfied. I am telling myself, quality >>> speed, I don't have to be in the first batch of IIs... At my current pace, I will be complete at all my schools around...
  28. H


  29. D

    Is it worth it to apply this cycle?

    So while I was conflicted about whether or not to apply this cycle, one of my mentors has convinced me to apply. The problem is, I don't know how much this will hurt my cycle chances. I submitted my primary app on July 12th, and my transcript, LOR, MCAT are all good to go. However, I'm worried...
  30. D

    Would Adcoms be annoyed if I explained why I submitted secondaries close to the end of the 2-3 week deadline?

    I submitted the primary AMCAS application on 6/14, was verified and received a batch of secondaries on 7/13. Within the last two weeks, I was thankfully hired at a job after months of unsuccessful job hunting, had to move to a cheaper apartment because I couldn't afford my current one (at the...
  31. DuckDoc98

    Is submitting all my secondaries by August 8th too late for this cycle?

    Hi, This is my first post on SDN. I couldn't pre-write secondaries cuz of the MCAT and making school list. I will have something close to 30 secondaries coming my way soon. I would assume that most of the essays can be recycled for other prompts, so I think I can finish all by August 8th. Is...
  32. Lifeblood_20

    How invested I should be with secondaries?

    My approach to secondaries has been, write a sensible draft, have one or two people I trust read over, make some adjustments, and if I still feel good enough a few days later I would submit. I think there’s diminishing returns to over editing and writing too many drafts for every secondary...
  33. M

    Not disadvantaged, but kinda?

    Hey everyone, I’m applying for the 2021 cycle and when I did my AMCAS app, I selected “no” when asked if i believed I was a disadvantaged student. To my surprise, AAMC designated me as disadvantaged when my app was verified. Although I am a first-generation American born to immigrant...
  34. Ramona Flowers

    Should I acknowledge a "C" grade in the optional comments secondary essays?

    Hi there, I am working through secondaries right now and am curious about other perspectives on whether to acknowledge or not acknowledge C grades? I have already submitted one essay from a school that specifically asked to comment on any STEM grades below a "B" so I feel like I have a good...
  35. KatsuCurry

    Uploading an Abstract in Additional Documents?

    I.e. Yale has a section on its secondary application to upload abstracts, a resume, etc. I want to send in the abstract of a paper where I am a co-author. How would I go about doing so? Can I simply upload a word document file with a copy and pasted version of the abstract? What is the norm...
  36. Hopeful_MD_Cat_Mom

    How to decide if you classify as first generation...

    Hello, I am stumped when trying to decide if I qualify as a first-generation student based on how some of the secondary questions are written. My situation is that my father has some college, but no degree, and my mother got her associate's degree this past year, after previously having no...
  37. B

    Adversity Essay - talk about medical problems?

    I'm trying to figure out what to write for my adversity/challenge essay on secondaries. The biggest thing that happened this year was that I started a treatment for a medical problem that caused a lot of mood changes. It's mostly fixed now, and I think I learned a lot from it (learning a lot...
  38. Ramona Flowers

    "Engaging diversity" secondary question

    Hi there! I'm attempting to pre-write a secondary for the question: "Describe the effect that your experiences with engaging diversity have had on your own growth and development. Provide an example and describe how it will impact your career in the medical profession." I'm wondering if y'all...
  39. Lifeblood_20

    Yet another Adversity/Challenge Essay topics thread...

    I am thinking of addressing the adversity/challenge prompt with one or more from the following topics: The immigrant experience, overcoming language and cultural barriers. I had a unique upbringing in that I was born in China, my family moved to Japan when I was six, moved back to China after...
  40. B

    In secondaries, should I/how do I say that a manuscript has been submitted to a journal?

    Hi everyone! So I'm pre-writing secondaries. Should I mention that I'm third author on a manuscript that has been submitted to a journal? Or do they only care about papers that have already been published?