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Mar 4, 2010
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Does the FAP need to be submitted before you E-submit your AADSAS app? When does the FAP need to be completed if you choose to apply for it?
Also, can you receive a fee waiver for the secondary app fees from schools if you have been approved for the FAP on AADSAS (or in the process of approval)? Thanks

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You MUST submit your FAP application online and send ALL the required documents within 10 days of submitting your FAP application.

You then must wait until you get notification from FAP as to whether you were approved or not. (Mine took about a week.)

Then you can e-submit your AADSAS app. and they cover $227 (first school designation and AADSAS fee).

As far as secondaries....not sure. I think schools individually decide that.

Good luck!
Yes, I believe you e-submit to one school first and they will waive it. Not sure about the other schools after you have e-submit. Does anyone know if you can e-submit again to other schools?
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I try to complete my fap as often as possible