favor from pediaticions


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Nov 13, 2005
  1. Attending Physician
    actually ,,,,i need favor from pediatricions who had finishined the board or whom still resident,,, my demand is to allow me e.mail him/her as a friend as i wanna know the system for clinical pediatric ,in the residency years in the states,,,,,and give me answer for inquires about that trajectory ,,, iwanna more data to be clear to go on that challenge,,i have an idea about USMLE and how to reach the residency ,,but nothing about the practise there ,

    this' s my situation ....i've finished master degree in pediatric in my home country as i considered specialist ,,also i'm lincesed as medical doctor , had 4 years expereince in almost all pediatric subspecialties,,,the next step is to continue my postgraduate study after master wich restricted between MRCPCH OR american BOARD ,,,i prefer to have the board degree as it allow practice ,,,,,....thanks for help
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