Feedback on Osteopathic Radiology programs?

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Mar 24, 2009
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I am a 3rd year student very interested in radiology that will be applying to the 2010 match. I have not came to a conclusion on whether or not I will be applying to osteo programs or allo only. I have seen some feedback posted from allo residents but I am trying to get some feedback on what current osteopathic rad residents or candidates that interviewed at osteopathic programs thought of the different programs- pros, cons, what intern year was/is like, satisfaction, call, overall strengths of programs, etc. I am finding it is very difficult to get this info and was wondering if anyone could PM me with some info about the program you are currently in or have visited. Any help is appreciated and confidentiality will be maintained. Thanks in advance!

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some are good. most of them just don't cut it, in my opinion.

low volume, low procedure caseload, less faculty members, less specialized people. for example if u wanna learn about mri's of brain who would u rather have teach you a diagnostic radiologist or a neuroradiologist? a lot of d.o. programs will have all diags rads guys that will teach everything. md places offer highly specialized faculty members. if you have a good usmle step 1 score then apply MD.
Any specific reviews on any DO rads programs? Auntminnie only seems to have allopathic reviews. Any input is appreciated! :thumbup: