Feedback on Secondary essay topics

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I was curious if I could get some feedback on some of my generic secondary essay topics. I am just going to provide general structe and see if I can get some feedback on the general themes. Thank you in advance!


Focus is how my adult life has been structured around being a soldier, a student, and a father

Diversity/What perspectives can I bring:

Focus is how military experience has given me the ability to get a job done, work in a team, and listen/educate my peers


I was a 19-year old Army reservist and landlord with full-time work, a newborn, and full-time school

Societal inequalities of patients I have interacted with:

Focus is on Veteran and military populations I have worked with (and how I have worked with them). The following sentence is a 'fine line to walk' but is it acceptable if I am prepared to answer interview questions?

"I saw how these patient populations often felt left behind by the Veterans Administration health system. I saw how the healthcare teams wanted to do all that they could to help these often-neglected patients. However, the bureaucracy in place is structured in such a way that the healthcare of those who have served is played like a token by policymakers with very little change, to the detriment of the patients."

I would love some feedback on the general ideas within!

PS: If anyone is willing to read any of these essays, that would be fantastic too!

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On the last, the problem you describe is fairly generic. What solution do you propose and HOW will you dedicate your career to addressing it ?
If a question asks something, should we tie it back towards our goals and/or move beyond the prompt?

For instance, with this prompt it asks about “Societal inequalities you or patients you have interacted with have experienced”

Should I just talk about the disparities/inequalities (answering the prompt) or should I address issues beyond the prompt?
On the last, the problem you describe is fairly generic.
The problem I address is from what I observed working as a phlebotomist in a VA health center as well as working with veterans/active duty mental health. Is there any way you can think to address it more thoroughly or in a better light?
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On yout first three essays above, the themes are fine. It's important, however, to tie the themes to how and why these experiences have led you to medicine and will make you a good doctor. Be specific.
I think I do this with my essays. I think.