Fell in love with Radiology after Match..what now?

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Jun 23, 2010
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I'm currently on my last rotation and due to scheduling conflicts, I was not able to schedule radiology until now. I didn't put much thought into it, as I never expected that I would love it this much..but I do. Nothing has ever engaged me this much - I'm a very visual person, I love anatomy and I live for solving diagnostic puzzles.

I matched into pediatrics this year in a different city Although I love many aspects about peds, I have already prepared for the burn out I am going to experience. At this point, I really want to keep my options and am considering applying to a PGY2 next year. Does anyone have any advice for someone in my position? I know it is not as common to switch from pediatrics and given my limited experience, it's going to be hard to get letters for ERAS. I am considering staying around after graduation to "shadow" and hopefully get one this way. Is it possible to find a position outside of reapplying to ERAS?

Also, what factors do radiology residency programs look at most heavily? What board scores are considered competitive this year? About where would a 234/240 put me?


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You'll easily match with those scores.
run...run for your life.

Just kidding. You will be fine, especially since rads is in the low point of competitiveness right now.
I think it's fairly common to second-guess your residency choice at this point (post match). You obviously went into your chosen specialty for a reason. Give it a little time. If you still feel strongly about it, you shouldn't have any trouble making the switch. People do it all the time. Good luck.