Fellowship application timeline/late LOR

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Aug 4, 2011
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I'm applying for endocrine fellowship this year (July cycle). I've got everything ready to submit my application on July 14th (the day before programs can download applications on July 15th). However two of my letter writers have still not uploaded their letters. I'm sending them a reminder today, but even if they get it finished by tomorrow (unlikely) it still takes up to 5 days for them to be posted from EFDO -> ERAS, meaning the earliest the letters would be available to programs would be late on July 15th or Monday July 18th.

1. Will programs still look at my application on July 15th without 2 LORs?
2. Or will they likely not look at applications until the week of July 18th regardless, at which point my letters will likely be uploaded?
3. Looking at ERAS right now, I can't assign these missing letters to programs yet. Will that change once my letter writers upload the letters?
3. How badly am I screwed here, if at all? (I'm otherwise a decently competitive applicant)

Thanks much!

you will be okay.

1) no one knows
2) same as #1
3) yes
4) unlikely screwed