1. O

    Applying to Multiple Fellowships in Ophthalmology (SF Match)

    Hi all, I am a current PGY3 in ophthalmology and I had a question in regards to fellowship applications. I am kind of torn on what to apply to: I am currently deciding between glaucoma, anterior segment/cornea/glaucoma. I want glaucoma experience but do not know how much refractive/anterior...
  2. Alemo

    Accepting forensic fellowship offers

    I’ve been fortunate enough to have had a few interviews for forensic fellowships in 2022. At the end of the interview, each program director has said something like “Well, if you want to come here let me know, and if you decide you’d rather be elsewhere, let me know that too.” One said, “I’ll...
  3. H

    Position Available Open Nuclear Medicine Fellowship Position

    The Department of Nuclear Medicine at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City has an opening for a one-year Molecular Imaging Fellowship (NON-ACGME) to start on July 1, 2021. Candidates should be board eligible or certified by the American Board of Radiology and/or the...
  4. P

    Community based residency questions

    I've been told to look into community based residencies and fellowships, but it doesn't really sound like something that's very unique to me.. I also read about what they are, and it sounds like a bunch of what I'm already doing, just at half the salary that I'm at currently. Can someone that...
  5. W

    "Help Me Rank" IM 2021

    Hey all, Haven't seen a thread created yet for this year's upcoming match and for some reason folks were commenting on the old one, so figured I'd make a new one here. Good luck to all!
  6. A

    How to increase chances for landing a competitive NICU fellowship?

    How much will not going to a top residency hurt me for fellowship applications?
  7. P

    Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship thoughts

    Hi, relatively new user here. Thanks in advance for your help! I am currently a PGY3 psych resident considering applying for an addiction psychiatry fellowship to start in July 2022. I have had an interest in the field of addictions even before starting residency and in an ideal world I would...
  8. mpa15

    Epilepsy Fellowship

    Offers from multiple places (still waiting to hear from some) and finding it difficult to choose! What are your thoughts about these: Cleveland Clinic UCSF Columbia Lurie Children’s CHOP Yale Baylor *applying for Peds epilepsy track
  9. LindaAccepted

    Medical The Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowships for New Americans Application Essay Tips

    Paul Soros was often overshadowed by his younger brother, financial wizard George Soros, but he was a millionaire in his own right. In contrast to George Soros’s success in the financial industry, Paul Soros made his mark on the world by innovating in the shipping industry, filing patents...
  10. S

    Thoughts on DR/NM combined residency?

    Hi all, hope you're doing well. I'm an MS4 currently applying into rads and was wondering what people's thoughts were on the (relatively) new combined 16 month DR/NM pathways available at some institutions? Is it worth it? Does it make you marketable? Can you practice DR and NM? I think it...
  11. Methodical_Science

    2021 Neurocritical Care Match Thread

    Hi All. Long time lurker, but wanted to start a thread on the 2020-2021 NCC Match cycle (for positions in 2022) given that application submissions opened last week. It’s very early in the cycle but thought it would be a good idea for a thread refresh for current and future applicants (since...
  12. Titoxyco

    I am an IMG, moved to the US with green card visa. My options?

    Hi! This is Rafael. I recently got graduated from my medical school in my country, and moved to the US as a permanent resident. Currently I'm studying for USMLE, but I wonder if there is any other stuff I can do by now. For example, I read about fellowships. What are your thoughts? Thank you!!
  13. H

    [Research Opportunity in Dermatology] Johns Hopkins Itch Fellowship

    Title: Johns Hopkins Itch Fellowship Fellowship Director: Shawn Kwatra, MD Duration: 1 year Description: Under the direction of Dr. Shawn Kwatra, the Johns Hopkins Itch Fellowship is interviewing for a position starting in March 2021 (starting date flexible). The fellow will engage in...
  14. M

    Position Available Open Application Period for NYC Health + Hospitals Clinical Leadership Fellowship Program

    NYC Health + Hospitals, the nation's largest public hospital system, is now recruiting for our next cohort of Clinical Leadership Fellows. The Fellowship is a 12-month program designed to develop the next generation of clinical leaders in quality, population health, and health care...
  15. drsamandallas

    Newly established facial aesthetic and recon fellowship-Dallas

    We are currently accepting applicants (open to all board eligible ENT, OMFS or Plastic Surgery graduates) for Dallas-based fellowship with heavy focus on facial aesthetics (70%), facial reconstruction (20%), and facial trauma (10%). One week mission-trip for cleft lip/palate is available for...
  16. 2

    USC Nephrology Fellowship FYI/Questions to Ask on Your Interviews

    Hello anyone interested in nephrology fellowship. Welcome! The objective of this thread is to give a real insight into program so if you do consider it you know what you are getting. Also to provide you with the types of questions I wish I knew to ask on my fellowship interviews. USC: Pros...
  17. K

    Other How to Explain Leaving Previous Residency Program on my Fellowship Application

    Hey everyone I had a question regarding my upcoming pulmonary/critical care fellowship application on ERAS, which is beginning to open soon. Before I went through my current residency position (where I am currently a PGY-3 chief resident), I was briefly at a program for about 3 months before I...
  18. D

    Other Gap year

    Hi everyone. Has anyone taken a few years break to work before fellowship? How did it work out? Would you advise against it or find it beneficial? Thanks
  19. O

    Virtual interviews?

    As we’re coming into fellowship application/interview season, just wondering if you all have heard what your or other programs are doing in terms of interviewing - are they going virtual? in person? Combo? How do you think this will affect the match this year? More internal matches? Let’s hear...
  20. T

    I do not want to do a fellowship - seeking advice

    Hello, I am a (soon to be) PGY2 at an upper-mid tier large academic program (AP/CP). I am an AMG from a reputable medical school. I want to do general, community practice pathology. I do not want to do a fellowship. I entered the field anticipating that I would need to do a fellowship, but...
  21. B

    Endocrinology vs Rheumatology

    Hey all, I’m nearing the end of my PGY 1 year in IM and I’ve decided that I’d like to pursue a lifestyle specialty. So far I’ve narrowed it to Endocrine vs Rheum. Based on my research, both fields are comparable in terms of lifestyle and pay, I was wondering if any attendings or fellows in...
  22. lifesperfection

    Complex Family Planning Fellowship Applications (2020-2021)

    Was hoping to get in touch with other people applying this cycle since everything will likely be online and we won't have the comradery of the interview trail. Wasn't sure where else to post, so decided to take it back to SDN, but haven't seen a FP topic in years, so it is likely a longshot...
  23. S

    Medical Specialties Choice (Peds, Psych, and Neuro)

    Hi guys, I'm looking at several specialties that may be a strong fit for me. My interests are treating children with neurodevelopmental disorders and do autism, ADHD, and learning disabilities research. I've been pretty set on Pediatric Neurology. But, I'm aware that there are several pathways...
  24. dennis-brodmann

    Neurology Fellowship Season 2020-2021: What should PGY-3s consider with COVID-19 precautions if fellowship is outside of a match?

    Fellowship directors, current fellows, and future fellows - If COVID-19 precautions were to continue through the upcoming fellowship interview season (2020-2021), what recommendations would you make in applying to fellowships outside of a matching system (e.g., epilepsy)? Things are not as...
  25. A

    Open Fellowship Positions?

    Does anyone know a good resource to see open pediatric anesthesia fellowship positions for this coming summer? ie 2020-2021 academic year? Thanks!
  26. N

    Stanford Dental Medicine and Surgery Fellowship 2020-21

    Great opportunity for those looking into OMFS and did not match this year. You will have an opportunity to work with multiple oral surgeons and hospital dentists.
  27. P

    Endocrine Surgery Match 2020

    Anyone applying this year?
  28. Kortes

    Rheum vs pulm crit

    Hi all, I’m an IM resident at a university-affiliated community hospital. I want to apply for fellowship, however, am torn between rheum and pulm crit. I do realize that these are two very different career paths and a lot of people would not be choosing between two of them. On the other hand, I...
  29. Kortes

    Deciding between rheum and pulm crit

    Hi all, I’m an IM resident at a university-affiliated community hospital. I want to apply for fellowship, however, am torn between rheum and pulm crit. I do realize that these are two very different career paths and a lot of people would not be choosing between two of them. On the other hand, I...
  30. R

    Fellowship as an ECFMG cerified IMG with a General Surgery residency abroad.

    Hi there, I am an ECFMG certified IMG who specialized in general surgeon in a foreign country (not US or Canada). My goal is to get accepted into an ACGME accredited surgery fellowship in the US. I hear about a lot of surgeons doing a non-acgme fellowship, after which they come back to their...
  31. C

    Nothing I want more than to just be a surgeon...

    Hello, I am posting this on behalf of my boyfriend since he does not have an account- he is currently a burn surgery fellow that has recently completed 3 prelim General Surgery residency years. He matched into a prelim-year 1 spot straight out of med-school, did well, but the organization pretty...
  32. C

    Position Wanted Another year of the same prelim surgery situation....

    Hello, I am posting this on behalf of my boyfriend since he does not have an account- he is currently a burn surgery fellow that has recently completed 3 prelim General Surgery residency years. He matched into a prelim-year 1 spot straight out of med-school, did well, but the organization pretty...
  33. R

    Medical Oncology (without hematology)

    Completing a palliative care fellowship and matched to heme/onc fellowship that starts in July. I would be very happy to find a job (open to private practice or academic) as a medical oncologist or even split position palliative and medical oncology. That being said, I am considering medical...
  34. MaximusGladius

    California Licensing

    Why is California so difficult? I have been accepted into a fellowship (current pgy3). The DO board is saying I won't get my Post Graduate training License in time (roughly 7 months away from start right now). And in order to apply for a full license I need 6+ months as others are currently...
  35. Tobirama


    Can anyone describe the differences between the two and the pros and cons of each? I have a passion for family medicine and want to go into a family med residency, but I also have a passion for obstetrics. I feel that the Board of Certification in Family Medicine Obstetrics will allow me to...
  36. dennis-brodmann

    Residency Career Guidance: Epilepsy, Neurohospitalist, Neuroinfectious Disease, Teleneurology, Medical Devices

    Hey everybody, I am a PGY-2 in a front-loaded neurology residency program seeking advice from senior residents, fellows, and attendings. I have various thoughts about future career options and have spoken to some of my attendings, who have been in academia for most of their careers. I was...
  37. F

    *** Vascular Surgery Fellowship Match 2019/2020 ***

    Hey everyone! Applications are open for vascular surgery fellowship and invitations are being slowly released. Feel free to share the programs that have already sent out invitations. Good luck everyone and see you at the interviews! Updated list...
  38. R

    Surgical Oncology Fellowship Match 2020/2021 Cycle

    The time is here. I have found various other threads from prior years a lovely source of info, so figured we could start it for this year.
  39. O

    Fellowship Salary?

    How do you make it work? Many of the best fellowships pay below poverty line for anyone with a family. Does moonlighting even come close to making up for it? Are those fellowships just off the table for individuals with a family? It seems a little ridiculous to be paid like you’re working for...