1. W

    DO, low board scores, where to apply?

  2. T

    MD & DO Developmental Peds (vs Child Psych)

    I’m a MS4 really interested in dev peds but I sometimes wonder if it makes more sense to go into psych instead of peds if I already know now that I want to do more behavioral work. I also fear that because I’m location bound due to having a family, I might not get into dev peds fellowship...
  3. lucid_interval

    Best ultrasound fellowships at the moment?

    I am currently in my final year of residency at an university program, and am really interested in academic EM and possibly doing a fellowship in ultrasound next year. I'm just looking for any input regarding which are some really good fellowship programs out there at the moment.
  4. R

    Rheumatology 2023-2024 Fellowship Match

    Hello Rheumies! Time to start one for this year! A place to keep each other informed on interviews, and if we have any questions we have somewhere to ask. There is also a Reddit thread below that was started in case there is important information provided that might be helpful for anyone there...
  5. M

    Rheumatology Fellowships Rankings?

    Applying to Rheumatology fellowship this cycle and having a hard time finding information on reputation or "rankings". Anyone able to roughly rank the top 10 or 20 Rheumatology fellowship programs? Also wondering what happened to NYU this year...
  6. DrStephenStrange

    Yet another "Fellowship vs General Neuro?" thread.

    Hello there, fresh PGY-2 here, and as if the stroke service and call schedule weren't enough stress already, I started looking into fellowships just to make matters worse. I seriously cannot imagine myself having to decide on a subspecialty a year from now, but yet here we are. Part of me just...
  7. D

    Fellowship - Geographic Preference

    Hello! Question for fellowship applicants who aren't committed to staying in a specific region: How do you guys plan to answer the geographic preference question? My worry is that programs will rank applicants higher if they prefer their region. Thoughts?
  8. Doctor_Strange

    ERAS Fellowship LOR Delay ?

    Hello, Got an email from ERAS in which the following text stated "Documents (including LoRs) submitted to the EFDO will take up to 5 business days to process to your ERAS application. The day after submission is considered the first full business day. For example, an LoR submitted on a Tuesday...
  9. DrRedstone

    Official 2023-2024 Allergy & Immunology Application Thread

    The process is nothing to sneeze about. Share any updated information you have here. If someone makes a Google Spreadsheet, I can put it in this post as well. GroupMe: GroupMe
  10. M

    Electrophysiology Fellowship 2024

    Hello all! Since ERAS has opened, I decided to create a WhatsApp group for this year’s applicants. Send me your number if you’d like to be added!
  11. O

    Position Available University of Virginia Anesthesia Critical Care Fellowship position

    We have an unexpected vacancy for the July, August, Sept 2023 start date for the University of Virginia Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care. Our program is EM CCM friendly. We are flexible with start date. Clinical experience within the one-year fellowship for anesthesia and...
  12. M

    Advice for PGY1 seeking GI fellowship...

    Hello everyone, I am a recent US-IMG graduate who matched into an "academic" community hospital for Internal Medicine in NYC and will be starting this July. I have a strong desire to get GI fellowship but my program does NOT have an in-house fellowship nor is it very research oriented. I...
  13. S

    Neurocritical Care Cycle 2023-2024

    Starting Neurocritical care interview discussion for the 2023-2024 cycle
  14. House D.O.

    NASS Discord Chat for 2023-2024 Cycle

    Hey guys, better late than never, the ACGME Pain discord chat has been super helpful, wanted to create for NASS Spine and Sports fellowship for this cylce. Please click the link and spread the word and get this chat going and help each other out! Link below if hyperlink doesn't work...
  15. K

    Questions about Endocrinology and Rheumatology Work-Life, Job Outlook, etc.?

    I'm a PGY1 interested in both endocrinology and rheumatology. Since I'm nearing the end of my intern year, I am thinking more seriously about what I really want to do so I can focus on research in the fellowship I am more interested in. If possible, I would appreciate any advice and answers from...
  16. H

    How much should I let the competitiveness of fellowship matching dissuade me from going IM (or more broadly, from going into any prelim position)?

    I'd love advice, or just other people's point of view, or how people in a position similar to this have handled it. If I would not be happy as an internist for the rest of my life, or in gen-surg, should that be a red flag to me that I should consider not going into those fields with the hopes...
  17. B

    CDC/CSTE applied epidemiology Fellowship

    Hello hello! I have applied to the CSTE/CDC Applied epidemiology fellowship, and I received an interview (yay!) Has anyone on here gone through the process and received an interview? What questions should I expect from the interview and how should I prepare for it? Any advice is greatly...
  18. Dr. Bob Saget

    Is a Neuromuscular fellowship worth it financially and how competitive is U of M Neuromuscular?

    My wife and I are talking about career options after residency (I am a DO neurology resident) and we have a bit of a disagreement. I am considering neuromuscular but the only program in Michigan is U of M. As a DO, I don't know if I will be competitive enough for them. When I told her we may...
  19. N

    Fellowships after child neurology residency

    Hi everyone. I’m a child neurology resident who is extremely interested in working with Neurodevelopmental Disabilities. My program does not currently have an NDD residency or fellowship, yet. Are there any 1-2 year NDD fellowships in the works for child neurologists? Where would I be able to...
  20. D

    Academic Residency to Community Fellowship

    Hello! Current MS1; my long term plan is to be a community physician. However, my general question is concerning the title. I was speaking to an attending about this and she told me that going to an academic residency will make it harder for me to go to a community fellowship. However she said...
  21. theNDhopeful44

    Applying to fellowship with history of probation in residency

    Thread deleted.
  22. ResidentSwap

    Position Available Gastroenterology Fellowship in Florida

    Featured Opening by Resident Swap, Inc. -------------------------------------- Posted on residentswap.org on 1/29/2023, updated 2/6/2023 Gastroenterology Fellowship Opening in Florida HCA Florida Healthcare/USF Morsani College of Medicine GME Citrus Hospital Program 502 W Highland Blvd...
  23. J

    2023 MSK Medical Student Summer Research Fellowship

    https://www.mskcc.org/hcp-education-training/medical-students/summer-fellowship I heard this is the week that we hear back for this program. It seems really competitive and I’m pretty nervous but it would be a dream for me. Wanted to see if there’s any other applicants out there wondering 👀😅🥶
  24. doctorwho101

    ***Breast Fellowship 2022-2023 (2024 Start) Thread!!***

    Just wanted to share with this year's WhatsApp group! Please join at the link: https://chat.whatsapp.com/HBOVxFno3TpJRrRwYTGuek Thanks all, good luck to everyone applying this year!
  25. A

    Top 10 Surgical Retina Fellowships

    Things change fast. A decade or two ago, residents were advised that only a smattering of 10 vitreoretinal surgery fellowship programs were considered worth going to. More recently, a more palatable truth seems to have emerged: there are so many amazing programs, each with their own advantages...
  26. H

    Surgical Oncology Fellowship (2024 Start) Interview Thread

    Applications just opened so figured i'd get a thread started to discuss questions, programs and interviews!
  27. ResidentSwap

    Position Available Interventional Radiology Fellowship in Maryland

    Featured Opening by Resident Swap, Inc. ( ResidentSwap.org ) -------------------------------------- Posted on 12 / 9 / 2022 Interventional Radiology - Independent PGY-6 Fellowship Opening in Maryland University of Maryland Program 22 South Greene Street, suite G2K14 Baltimore, MD 21201 Click...
  28. I

    Heme Onc fellowship swap

    Hello everyone. I’m here looking for a swap. I have matched into a Heme/Onc position at a reputable institute in Pennsylvania that I would have been happy to go to when I submitted the ROL. Since the submission my SO got an excellent career opportunity in Texas and I am suffering from some...
  29. A

    Position Available Interventional Spine & Pain Medicine Fellowship Training Program through North American Spine and Pain

    With enthusiasm I am writing to announce another year of the Interventional Spine & Pain Medicine Fellowship Training Program through North American Spine and Pain. The Fellowship Program is committed to recruiting diverse physicians who have completed a residency in Anesthesiology, Physical...
  30. GettinAfterIt

    How many years can you practice before entering fellowship?

    I would like to get a little more insight, as I am in a bit of a unique situation. I have been offered a scholarship from a school that will pay for all of my tuition + living expenses, if I agree to practice primary care for four years following residency. I'd love to take the scholarship, but...
  31. Amygdalarian

    ***Vascular Surgery Fellowship Match (5+2) 2022-2023***

    Hi everyone - doesn't look like anyone has made one of these posts for this year's vascular fellowship applications so I thought I'd make one where we could put down our thoughts, questions, interview impressions, etc. Looks like interviews will be all virtual this year so I guess we won't get...
  32. ThatPsyGuy

    APA Congressional Fellowship

    https://www.apa.org/about/awards/congress-fellow?tab=1 Recently learned about this. Anyone got any insight into the rigor and specifics of this fellowship? Quick searches are giving me nothing outside of the APA website.
  33. P

    Is forensics fellowship worth it?

    I am a nontrad, applied for forensic fellowship this year but didn't end up getting it (was stupid and only applied to one program). I am considering reapplying to the same program and more next year. BUT I have no intention of staying in the state I am currently after I graduate fellowship. The...
  34. T

    Medical Retina Fellowships 2022

    Which are the top medical retina fellowship programs? What are key considerations? I know believe some require medical retina fellows to take retina call along with the surgical fellows, while others do not. Any insight into which allow you to continue to operate during fellowship? I've heard...
  35. LatinDoctor

    Options if unmatched for fellowship

    What are the options if you go unmatched on a J1 visa? Do you have to do a waiver and re-apply in 3 years? Can you quit the waiver in one year and re-apply? What are all the options to re-apply in one year?
  36. W

    Help me rank my forensic psychiatry fellowship shortlist

    Hi everyone, PGY-2 in psych and currently trying to learn as much as I can about the field of forensic psychiatry and what the programs offer. There is actually very limited information online comparing programs. I think I've read almost every post on the website, and I'm still a little lost...
  37. G

    Dermatopathology Fellowship Applications 2024-2025

    Please share any information you have regarding dermpath fellowship applications/interviews for positions starting in 2024 Here's what I've heard so far: Cedars-Sinai - filled Stanford - filled Arkansas - filled USF - filled Moffitt/USF - filled U Texas HSC Anderson - filled Colorado - not...
  38. I

    Position Available Open Neurocritical Care Fellowship position - Washington University in St. Louis

    Immediate opening for a candidate looking for a 1–2-year Neurocritical Care fellowship at Washington University in St. Louis. The Neurology/Neurosurgery Intensive Care unit (NNICU) is a world-class, state-of-the-art 44-bed facility located in Barnes-Jewish Hospital, ranked one of the best...
  39. S

    Neonatology (NICU) Fellowship Interview Thread 2022 - 2023

    Hello Everyone, Good luck to everyone applying to a Neonatology fellowship this year! Just like previous years, I wanted to start a thread on the NICU fellowship cycle! Update with which programs you have heard back from for an interview invite with dates. Copy and past the last and add you...
  40. M

    Chances of getting residency interviews or matching with a misdemeanor

    Hi, Everyone. I am applying for residency for the family medicine match 2023 circle. I had a misdemeanor conviction in 2019 for driving without car registration and insurance. the state doesn't expunge records. I have beaten myself up these past months for the terrible mistake and wanted to know...