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Finally Realized it


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7+ Year Member
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Apr 1, 2002
Urbana, Illinois
    I'm sure some you guys have seen me post in the premed forums and even here about whether I should do an MD or a PhD...

    Well, I've finally realized that the best option for me is to do both.

    It is funny because last semester I had come back from Wash U in St. Louis having done a great job that summer doing research, and I felt great.

    And things sort of all fell apart when I had trouble balancing research, academics, and my RA job.

    My GPA took a hit and because at some point I lost my confidence that semester.

    I lost my desire to get an MD for some reason and thought that the PhD would be great in a number of ways - benefiting humanity - researching new techniques etc.

    Then I went on the SDN, talked to a few PhDs about job opportunities. And they all gave me the insight on how tough it is to find a good job with the PhD and how competitive it is these days especially in academia.

    And then I decided to go back to MD only, for a few days.

    But then I saw how much paranoia and greed is behind a lot of the MD application process. That is what I always hated about the MD application process, and those feelings of paranoia and greed even started to rub off on me.
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