Finally took the DAT

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May 4, 2018
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I know my score isn't as high as many of people on this website, but I wanted to know how well I fared and if I should ever retake in the future.My GPA isn't too high at like 3.32 with postbac. 3.91 postbac GPA 3.32 overall(2.7 before postbac)

PAT: 21
QR: 22
RC: 22
AA: 21

If anyone is curious, I used bootcamp to study, mike's videos+feralis. Overall, I feel PAT was much harder than bootcamp, but everything else was much easier. The day before the DAT, I went over tests 1-3 for all the sections(looking over solutions rather than doing it) to keep myself from getting stressed out, but reviewing.I studied for like a month and a half.

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Great scores man. Did you feel the DAT itself was easier compared to DAT bootcamp? I take mine this Friday and it’s killing me. I just want to take it already.
Honestly, I felt the same. I was so drained from bootcamp. It was easier, but the PAT was way harder than I thought it would be. There were 3-4 rock keyholes and I guessed the last 10 because I ran out of time. QR was so much easier, like there were maybe 5 of those annoying "not enough information" questions and the ones they had were simple. Biology and ochem was easier, gchem was the same. RC was easier.

I got like 18s-19s on bootcamp.
Ya I used crack DAT PAT for PAT section. I could say my highest score was a 23 with 82/90 correct. I’m honestly hoping I’m able to get a perfect score on it because I learned from my biggest weakness, which was pattern folding.
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Biology I got 16-19, gchem like 18, ochem like 20. Keep in mind, I didn't study the full bootcamp course, I did all the test in 10 days. Bio+ochem+gchem+QR everyday for ten days.
Those are still very good scores for the 6-10. I was able to maintain a 35+ correct on bio for exams 1-4 and like 32 for the fifth one. With the 6–10 bio, I usually get around 29-33 though and been feeling a bunch of pressure man. Worried about gen chem the most. I’m great with all the conceptions that come with it but some problems I’ll be so lost with how to approach if they have numbers.
How did you study for gen chem and organic chem I used Kaplan and my practice scores have been bad for those 2 sections. Everything else I seem to be ok with