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Jan 5, 2005
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Hey all~

Ok, this question may seem a little naive, but here it is:

So far, I have been accepted to my state school (UNMC) and my undergraduate school (Creighton), and I really like both. Thus, I would like to wait until I receive financial packages to make my final decision. Do you know when these become available?

I have already paid my UNMC deposit, and the Creighton deposit is looming in my near future. Must I pay both deposits in order to receive financial packages at both schools?



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Aug 17, 2003
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I don't really remember how this works, but I do know that Creighton didn't let me know what type of financial aid package I was getting until the early summer. That may be a little late to be holding a spot at both schools.

However, Creighton did award me more than enough to pay tuition, have a one bedroom apartment, car, and other living expenses. As you well know, tuition at Creighton will be more than Nebraska, but they will also award you more. If you are worried about money, both places will give you what you need. Just pick the school that seems right to you. My class has like 20 Creighton undergrades in it, I'm sure you will feel right at home if you stick around.