Financial Investment for DPT


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Jun 2, 2013
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Jan 21, 2019
Great article. The lead author is a world renowned academic and physical therapist at U of Iowa, a top notch PT program at a public university. I love this profession, but anyone would be fooling themselves to not see the debt crisis. The APTA is very aware and the president is advocating for measures. Unfortunately, more and more "cash cow" schools are popping up because there is a demand. Many "elite" PT programs are actively thinking of what extra they can add- international experiences, fancy technology, electives- to entice students and justify the pricetag. Thankfully, there are also excellent schools looking at cost cutting measures, like reducing the length of the program, cutting out credits, etc. This needs to be the way of the future, while simultaneously advocating for better reimbursement. Your education does not end when you graduate. Students who do not take on massive debt will be more able to be selective about jobs where they will receive the best mentorship, apply for residencies/fellowships, and take awesome (but $$) continuing ed classes.
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