First Aid 2000/2005

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Nov 22, 2003
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Hey everyone,

Do you think it's okay to use the First Aid 2000? And would anyone know if there are major differences between the 2000 edition and the 2005?
Thank you,
Zainab :)

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well...if you look on amazon, the 2000 edition has 401 pages and the 2005 has 530. that's a pretty big difference, plus the text is influenced by feedback from test-takers every year. there's just no reason to use an old one.
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Absolutely not!

I know a couple of kids who bought the 2006 FA and halfway thru their studying, realized there was new information in the 2007 FA and had to switch.

At that point, they could either a) transcribe all they've written in the 2006 to the 2007 or b) carry around both copies like dopes.

Conclusion? Now is not the time to play cheapskate. Buy the 2007, make it worth the money by studying well, and you'll never have to worry about whether or not using an older version of FA may or may not have impacted your scores.