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Mar 26, 2002
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hey guys what do you think abou the new first Aid for medicine rotation compared to the blueprints medicine book??

what would be good to use to study for the shelf boards and step II, i have heard pretest is good for the shelf but too much for the



PreTest sucks ASS for the shelf. This was my experience, anyway. It did have ~ 4 questions that appeared almost verbatim on my shelf, but by and large, the real shelf questions are more detailed and more confusing than the straightforward one-liners you find in PreTest.

Blueprints in Medicine has incredibly mixed reviews. I know personally at least 5 people who swear by it, and another 5 (including yours truly) who swear AT it; I found it tedious, elementary, and a waste of time.

good luck


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Jul 16, 2001
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I am also another person who hates blueprints in medicine as a primary source for info during your rotation. Why don't you check out NMS Medicine. It is more detailed(at times too much) but it contains many practice questions and I thought it covered all the topics well.
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