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Jan 20, 2005
who here took their first practice test today. I took the 3R test today and it was so much more mentally demanding than i thought it would be there were times when i would read a passage in and then think 5 minutes later what was it about. I scored a verbal- 8, physical- 7 and biological-7. Im thinking that i lost anywhere from 1.5-2 points a section just based on unability to focus for the whole thing. also, i havent taken physics 2 and was shocked that almost all the physics was based on things from physics 2 really gonna have to look over that and Biology which was two and half years ago. I think its gonna help taking organic 2 this semster as one of the passages was based on things we did in class yesterday so at least it will be fresh in my mind. Ive set a high goal for myself at 35+. let me know how u guys who took practice tests today to get a baseline did.


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May 22, 2003
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I just posted in the EK forum. . .but I took the AAMC 3R today, too. Scored 10 in verbal. . .10 in bio, and 7 in physical sciences. Really bumbed about the score in physical sciences but am not surprised since I am horrible at physics. But I am glad I took the test now to see what I would score if I took the test today.

The concentration factor is definitely an issue. I took the test in a conference room, and I had to make sure I closed all the blinds so I wouldn't aimlessly look out of the window. . .it was such a pretty day outside!

This evening I am going to go through the test and determine which concepts I am weak on. Therefore in the weeks to come I'll know what I really need to study.


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May 5, 2001
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I took a Princeton Review practice test today and feel the same. It was hard to focus on things...of course there were many distractions...but I was really suprised at the LOW score. I"m not gonna post the score here, but let's just say it was low!!!! I have a lot of work to do before April 16. Later.
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