First Rejection! :(

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Scooby Doo

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Jul 10, 2001
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Finally got a much needed rejection to keep me in check this month. The Farm sent the letter off earlier this week. But, I was expecting it...after all, I could never wear the color red....

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Stanford is really quick about the nasty things. Sorry to hear, but remember the point is to get in somewhere!
How does that go..... How're you going to keep 'em down on the farm..........? :D
They didn't deserve you, Scooby!
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After you get into medical school, buy yourself a shredder and have fun making confetti out of your rejection letters and photocopies of secondaries; get toasted while you are at it; invite friends over; play loud music and invite the guests to make confetti "rain."

Just remember, it only takes ONE acceptance -- after that, who cares? :)

I got into my first choice school very late -- in fact, it was the end of April. I was already buying winter clothes for a school in New York (which by the way, I did not get into until March). It is VERY early in the game, and you still have a lot of time to get good news in the mail.

Good luck. I know the waiting is hard -- I've been there!
It's all good Scooby. Like we were talking about this weekend, sometimes there is not a lot of rhyme or reason to this process.

First off, ana gave a wonderful reply. It's a great feeling to burn/shred/trash all the application stuff in the spring.

Second, I can email you a top ten reasons not to attend the Farm if you'd like.

Third, you've got some kick-ass schools to interview at in the next few weeks, not to mention the ones you've already been to. ;) In the end, you know you'll be fine.
just out of curiosity?

where did the nickname the "Farm" come from?

are you all talking about Stanford? :confused:
Wasn't the property Stanford was built upon originally a farm? It may have even been owned by Leland Stanford.

Their mascot, The Tree, is one of my favorites!
Stanford is nicknamed "the farm" b/c the school was originally the Palo Alto Stock Farm (which was owned by Leland Stanford).
Sorry about the rejection, but I agree with twostevesquared (think that's right)
"their loss!!!"

Hang in there and keep positive!
Luck to ya!!!!!!! :)

I'm sorry to hear the news (I really am - I've been reading your posts on SDN for a while now, though I only recently have started posting myself). I was wondering if you would mind posting your stats. I am considering adding Stanford to my designated schools, but I think I'm gonna wait until I get my MCAT scores...
lilycat -

Could you pleeease post the top ten reasons not to attend the Farm? I'd be interested and I'm sure it'd make scooby feel better, thanks!
There is always a reason for'll get in somewhere else and be much happier for it Scooby... :) I hope you do. You seem like a genuinely cool guy.

I'd also like to see the top ten reasons not to attend Stanford. :)

Hey Scoob, maybe they saw your picture and your fan club and figured that you were just too sexy for all the geeks at their school.

It's the only reason I can think of to reject ssuch a sweet guy. :cool:

I can't believe the nerve of them!!!!! Did you forget to sleep with one of the AdComs there...perhaps?? ;) ;)

I'm really sorry to hear about your first rejection. I think the problem is that you're too good for them. They were afraid you'd make the lot of them look inferior if they accepted you. :)

I agree with Rhiana and two-steve squared. Don't let Standford keep you down. :) :)
I knew that was the problem Pendelum. I was too busy in the south and setting up my "sleeping" arrangements in New York to get to the stanford adcoms too! Oh well..their loss :)

Thanks for all the support guys!
You are the best!
Drinks are on me! :p :p :p :D :D
Aww, that's too bad Scooby. But don't forget, you have interviews lined up at some amazing places in the coming month. Keep your mind on the future and just do well on those. And remember-- you can get 500 rejections, but you only need *one* acceptance! Good luck and knock 'em dead at the upcoming interviews. :)