First Rejection

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Apr 22, 2001
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Well Vandy rejected me and I'm feeling pretty ****ty. I got a 12V 9P 10B Q and I have an AA in Chemistry, a BA in Molecular Cellular Developmental biology and a BA in Marine Biology. I worked 40 hours per week as a self supporting student. I tutor foster kids in my free time. What else do they want from me. Sorry I haven't cureed cancer yet. I'll try that next. I'm just frustrated and venting. I don't even have an interview. This just sucks!!!!

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Yes, Vandy is quite evil.

Let's start a club for those who hate Vandy :D ;) :p !
Vandy rejected me too, without an interview. I thought I'd be a great match... guess not.

Don't sweat it. I'm now in my second year at Hopkins. Your rejection from Vanderbilt in no way reflects your chances at getting into other med schools.

Hang in there,
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ok, for this i agree. vandy is evil. you definitely deserve an interview!! keep your head up and i hope things work out.
Hmmm... I'll have to go look in the archives to see what I've done to get on Mr Bean's bad side.

Rhiana: Good luck with your other schools. The Vandy letter is poorly crafted, isn't it?
Hey Rhiana,

Vandy was my first reject too...felt the same way you did, like someone kicked me in the stomach