FlexMed Chances 2017 (I know it's super early...)

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Mar 3, 2016
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Hi everyone! I'm new to this whole thing but I've been browsing the FlexMed threads lately and decided why not post...it's not like I have anything to lose! Sorry to repeat this post--I accidentally posted the same thing on a different thread.

Anyway, I guess I'll be a 2017 applicant (current freshman) and am hoping to get chanced. I know it's early...but what premed isn't hyper-obsessed with of these kinds of things?

HS GPA: 3.74 (top US prep school)
College: Ivy League
College GPA: by end of year will probably be between 3.76 and 3.9 (Classes: 2 sem first year chinese, 2 sem intro chem (no organic), 1 sem bio, 1 sem calc II, intro psych) - only took 3 classes first semester, which might be a real weakness I think
ACT Score w/ writing: 34 (approx. 2260 SAT)
High school ECs: independent research project (biology/DNA related, being very vague just to keep my anonymity), 3 season athlete, talented photographer, hospital volunteer
College ECs: 2 cultural clubs, hoping to start volunteering at a hospital soon, applied for summer internships but no responses yet (very recently), no research (it's so hard to get a position as a first year with little scientific background), small committment on-campus job

In terms of why flexmed, I really want to pursue a major along the lines of medical humanities (sort of a culture & health kind of major with influences in psychology, anthro, etc.) and also become fluent in Mandarin, and I feel like if I had the opportunity to skip a few requirements and spend less time worried about things like MCAT/applications I would have more time to learn and become a more well rounded physician in the future.

I think my ECs are pretty weak so any feedback or advice would be greatly appreciated. I still have a little bit of time and want to be the strongest applicant I can be. Thanks!