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    Icahn SOM at Mount Sinai vs. Weill Cornell Medicine

    Mt. Sinai Pros All lectures are recorded & non-mandatory Really cares about student wellness; many of the students seemed genuinely happy (as far as medical school wellness goes) Protected half-days every Tuesday (nothing scheduled after 12PM) & an examination system that allows students to...
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    FlexMed 2019

    Just thought I'd start a thread for the 2019 application cycle. As a reference, here are the links to the last few years of FlexMed forums 2014: FlexMed 2014 2015: FlexMed 2015 2016: FlexMed 2016 2017: FlexMed 2017 2018: FlexMed 2018
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    Mt Sinai staff pharmacist shifts

    Does anyone know if any Mt. Sinai hospitals in NYC schedule 10-hour staff pharmacist shifts (day, evening or graveyard) as opposed to the standard 8-hour shift?
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    FlexMed 2017

    Hi all, just wanted to start a discussion thread for this year's app cycle for Mt. Sinai's FlexMed program ( since I haven't seen anything from this year other than 'chance me' type posts! I was also wondering if anyone knows when the...
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    FlexMed Chances 2017 (I know it's super early...)

    Hi everyone! I'm new to this whole thing but I've been browsing the FlexMed threads lately and decided why not's not like I have anything to lose! Sorry to repeat this post--I accidentally posted the same thing on a different thread. Anyway, I guess I'll be a 2017 applicant (current...
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    HELP ?!?

    I really need some help on where I should apply. AMCAS INFO: BCPM GPA: 3.66 (freshman 2.73/sophmore 4.00/junior 4.00) AO GPA: 3.81 (freshman 3.67/sophmore 3.73/junior 4.00) MCAT INFO: Test date Aug 21, 2015 Overall Score: 508 - 77th Percentile (ChemPhys 126/CARS 127/Bio 130/PsychSoc 125)...