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    I saw that florida calls leg as "head of femur to toe" with surgery on bone startin frm anterior tibial tubercle (medial condyle) & soft tissue surgery till Hip. wow! man do pods really do stuff so high in florida. or its just a priviledge like alaska and ohio guys have hand in their scope but never go there in real life.

    iam very curious. i mean we are taught in lower extemity till hip and residency,etc. Do Pods really go that above in florida in their daily practice?

    and what kind of soft tissue thigh surgeries exist?
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    you can do boney work to the tibial tubercle like osteotomies to straighten or lengthen the leg and soft tissue to the hip like debridement of wounds.

    Even though the state scope restricts you by law your training will be your ultimate restriction. If you do not do tibial osteotomies in residency you probably should not do them in practice unless you did a fellowship with Dror Paley.

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