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Been such a long time since i checked out sdn...new format for me...I still prefer to post in the pre-allo...feel like allo peeps are too smart for me...
For all of you that applied to U of miami last year...and went through the waiting game that UM puts you through...well, I received the rejection letter last month. ok papa and pelican man...
Did anyone ever get good news from them?
Just so that those who dont know my situation...i did get accepted to FSU medical, so Im not going to slit my wrist. Its not too bad of school, except classes are held at a renovated high school. Insides look nice, exterior is terrible, but the school has good program and good professors...so think about it if you are still debating on applying. The administrator will actually call you back...unlike Dr. Hin, from UM...and FSU will do anything you ask them to do...within reason...they seem to love you here. The assistant dean gave us a pep talk and actually started to cry...well, that is prob too much for some of you peeps...good luck(especially Florida peeps) and hang in there...
Papa, no more FSU joke, ok?
Can anyone give a brief overview of what happened last yr...did everyone get in at last minute...Who is reapplying..who switched careers...im out of the loop here?


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Oct 3, 2001
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Hi Blame,
Congrats on your acceptance. I remember the post that you are referring to as I am a Florida resident and was interested in the agonizing process you all went through. ( I am applying this year.) The only one I remember that got accepted to UM was Canes. I haven't seen many others on the site lately.


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Jan 12, 2002
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Hey Blame,
I just came from my first day of orientation at UMiami (everyone was real cool by the way :) ), and I read your thread. Ida1 also got accepted off the UM waitlist (he was an out of stater though), but he turned them down for his state school. No other SDNer that I know of got off the waitlist at UM.