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For a Carib grad is EM or Oncology possible?

Discussion in 'Clinical Rotations' started by nobadwords, Mar 10, 2002.

  1. Hello all

    I was just wondering, do the above estimated score for EM apply for Carib grads as well? ALso, what is the scope like for Oncology right now? Will it be competitive and is it lucrative? I ask this only because i shadowed a oncology surgeon and he seemed to like his job a lot, however, i wonder how lucrative it was. I know happiness is more important but whateveR!!!! we need to feed ourselves somehow!

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  3. dbiddy

    dbiddy Member

    Jan 14, 2002
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    Carib docs can get ER, but they have to do pretty well (scores probably in the high 220s).

    I did research with a surgical oncologist and although he is an amazing surgeon, great guy and has incredible skills.......he probably has the worst lifestyle and is one of the most unhappy doctors I have ever met. He makes the same salary as a general surgeon (~$250,000) but does call q6 and because of the nature of the cases he gets (huge, complicated surgeries with major complications and years of follow-up) his clinic days are horrible. His beeper goes off constantly all day long. He has told me that he regrets choosing this profession. He steered me away from surgery, something which I had an affinity for and I am now very thankful.
  4. Whisker Barrel Cortex

    Aug 10, 2001
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    Although I can't tell you about FMGs in ER, I just wanted to give some more info on oncology. A surgical oncologist does a general surgery residency and may or may not do a felloship afterwards. General surgery spots have been getting easier to obtain recently, so this is probably a possibiliy.

    Oncology as a specialty (not surgical) is a subspeciatly of medicine that deals with chemotherapy for cancer. It is relatively easy to get a decent internal medicine spot. From what I have heard, Hematoloyg/oncology fellowships are not the hardest ones to get. Hope that helps.
  5. pimmar

    pimmar Member

    May 5, 2001
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    Unfortunately I have heard the same regarding EM, you have to have roughly in the 230 range to get a slot. I have heard of someone who scored about a 220, and only received one interview. Even where I am doing my cores right now, which used to be IMG friendly for EM, will no longer be taking IMG's as of this year. To tell you the truth some programs will not even open your application because your are an IMG, and just throw it in the trash. Sad but true. Good luck.

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