Is it possible to gain clinical experience outside of your rotations?

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Jul 30, 2015
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For example, say you're interested in surgery but you're on a rotation where you get out by noon and you have freetime. Would you be able to go scrub in to assist in surgeries or if you're into radiology, would you be able to go look at some studies with a resident in radiology (while not being annoying, of course).

Not trying to sound like a gunner, just curious.

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I could be wrong but i think what you’re describing is extremely common.

Not sure about assisting on surgeries or direct patient care but shadowing and maybe even working with attendings to some extent depending on the person seems within reason. Direct contact I’d maybe talk to your coordinator/school. I’ve gotten done early with one service and introduced myself to OB and got to watch some deliveries. It was rural, but the attending even told me if this one delivery would’ve been simpler he would’ve let me do it lol
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Ask your coordinator at the hospital. At my site it’s largely a no because we would have students already rotating in surgery, OBGYN, etc so there wouldn’t be room for me. However, if one of my patients is having a procedure done and there isn’t a student on that service then I’m allowed to request the opportunity to be there.
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