For Canadians, how are you financing dental schools?


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Aug 31, 2015
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How are you canadians financing your education in the states. Are there any cheaper schools other than private schools that are canadian friendly? The exchange rate kills us, 90K is average per year, thats 360,000 USD which is 450k CAD, then interest on top of that for loans. OSAP only gives 7k, and any other bank loans are out of the question because they need a strong cosigner which i do not have. Any suggestions?


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Jan 2, 2017
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Hi! There are definitely state/public schools that accept a decent number of Canadians/INT'L students (a few off the top of my head are VCU, Minnesota, Rutgers... Michigan and Pitt are great if your stats are more competitive). While they aren't as int'l friendly as private schools, they are definitely cheaper, so it's worth your money to apply. Look at the 2018/2019 ADEA official guide to dental schools and pick out the ones that have at least ~5% of their entering class as international or Canadian students, and then start comparing by price. You should have a definitive list that is based on your budget/stats.

Now as for financing it, not having a co-signer will definitely be a hurdle. However it's not impossible. I know CIBC has the largest line of credit, but I believe its only for Canadians studying at Canadian universities. However, when you're a "professional student" (doctors, lawyers, dentists, etc), you can take out loans on your own, with proof of acceptance of course. So perhaps try looking for Canadian banks that will let you open your own line of credit as a professional student? My dad was in a similar situation, so I know it's not impossible. Best of luck!
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