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Hi there. I am wondering if any incoming 2006 spouses will be staying at home with children. I will be having a baby in November (I will be a KCOM 2nd year by then) and it would be ideal to have a 1st year spouse watch my baby (after the 6 weeks, of course). I am looking for someone close to KCOM and a situation where I can come and go (within reason!). For example, if I have an exam at 7:30, I can drop him/her off early, but come get her after it's over...or, if it's one of those days where he/she is there most of the day, I'd like to drop in during the lunch hour. Please email me if you would be interested in this arrangment. Note that it wouldn't be the same hours every day, as my husband is self-employed and he would be able to help out, too. It would be a very informal way to make extra money if you are going to be home anyway.

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