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Jun 28, 2002
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ONLY $15 + S/H

These are must-haves for anyone who will take the MCAT. This set of notes is the 1996 edition given with Princeton Review's $1200 MCAT course. They don't really change the content from year to year so these notes will still do you good in preparing for the upcoming MCAT.

These notes have been USED. There is writing and highlighting. But they are concisely organized by subjects and topics, and is very easy to read and memorize.

The package wll include:

Science/Verbal Review: Over 1000+ pages of science and verbal information, all neatly packaged in one big aqua binder

MCAT Chemistry Book (Nova Press): a 500 pg review of org/inorg chemistry

All of this for only $15 + S/H (it weighs about 10 lbs; i'm not sure how much that will cost, but it should be about $10).

email me at [email protected]
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