Jul 2, 2010
It is very likely that I will be attending MCPHS-Worcester in the fall. Is it very hard to find an interning position in a hospital (I know that it is very hard to even get a pharmacy tech job in a NY hospital)?

Although I work in CVS and could intern there, I would prefer to work in a hospital upon graduation of pharmacy school. By the time the Fall comes, I will have approximately 12 months of hospital pharmacy experience (5 months volunteering, 8 months employed [starting Jan]).

Also, do you apply for your intern license right before school starts or right at the beginning? I know in MA you can intern in your first professional year at pharmacy school. However, I don't know the specifics, as I am coming from NY.


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Aug 30, 2005
Once you're enrolled in pharmacy school and someone can sign off on it (dean, pharmacy school official, etc), you can send in your paperwork anytime to get intern status. Not a huge deal.

In terms of getting a hospital job, it definitely requires a commitment to working part time/weekends/evenings...not necessarily on school days, but they're not gonna train someone who's going to bail because they can't come in bc they have to study. The hardest part is getting your foot in the door, honestly...summer internships are probably the easiest to get, but some hospitals do hire part time positions during the school year. Keep your eyes peeled and see if career services can hook you up...but knowing MCP that's probably unlikely :(