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what practice problems are you using to reinforce the material in the Kaplan chapters? I don't have BR passages or EK. Khan passages seem to include material I haven't learned yet so it's hard to match them to the chapter I read. Aamc material I was going to save post content review.

Is there any advice to how I can find specific passage based questions to individual Kaplan chapters?


Hey i'm using the Kaplan books as well. For practice i'm trying to do passages from the 2012 TPRH workbook, following this as a guideline http://forums.studentdoctor.net/threads/tprh-science-workbook-scores.989014/
So i finish a Kaplan chapter, and then try to do the passages/questions based on the topic list from the above link. I'll also be doing EK 1001 Bio + TBR Bio II book passages to really hammer down Bio/Biochem. The only 2015 material i'm using are the Kaplan books. Can't afford to buy the new EK books :) Let me know what you think.
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