For those that match a favor to ask

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Nov 19, 2002
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First off, congrats on realizing your dreams. It has been a long hard road and realize that all of your hard work has paid off.

Also, realize that the answer to the ever-so-present question of "what is the best program" should now change drastically for you. Your answer will hopefully be the program to which you match as hopefully it truly is that (a match and you find yourself in the best place for you on a personal, educational, geographical, social, etc manner).

I know that there have been many queries to request where people match and how low down on their list they went. If possible, can people post both together in the same post (i.e. Matched at program X which was my C choice behinid programs A, and B). This way it can kind of combine many of the posts into one.

Once again, good luck for those of you that matched.