For those who failed last Comlex Level II, but were close

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    I am looking for persons who failed Comlex Level II last Aug 27th and 28th. If you failed and are within at least 20 questions from passing, I am asking you to join me in challenging the NBOME's decision to throw out 24 questions. I scored a 392. I want you to have a lawyer send a letter to the NBOME stating you want your exam hand scored including the 24 deleted questions, or you want the passing score to be decreased to compensate for the loss of these questions. If you would like to join with me and have an attorney send a letter to the NBOME, this would be great too.

    If you failed and you believe that you would have passed if these questions were included, I ask you to do this. I am in the process of trying to have this done, and know one other person who had done this yesterday. If you passed, but know someone who has not and were very close to passing, let them know about this notice. Strength is in numbers!!

    Please leave a posting for me on this thread, or email me at:[email protected]

    Note: I am not looking for a debate. I am simply asking for support on this issue.
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    Something to think about...
    For all of you who passed the Aug. 27 28 Step two exam, if you had been given credit for the work you did, ie. the 24 deleted questions. Your score would have been higher.
    If you doubt me and believe in the "Magic" NBOME works to come up with a final score then do nothing.
    If you have any doubts... Contact them and complain.
    Send a letter, a email, do something!
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