Foreign-educated RN to MD

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Jun 8, 2018
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I'm interested in studying to become a doctor after 5 years of work experience as an RN. I'm 28 and I have a 3.5-year BSN degree from a European country. I'm also licensed to practice nursing in the US as my European degree was evaluated by the CGFNS and I passed the NCLEX.

I'm trying to figure out if there's anything special I need to consider as a foreign-educated RN and as a permanent resident who's not been in the country for too long. I've read quite a lot about the American college/university system but I'm wondering if someone has advice specific to my situation.

I've understood my BSN won't help me with regards to med school. Instead I'd need to complete certain prereqs in biology, physics and chemistry in order to apply. Would schools consider someone like me and without a GPA? Can I take these courses as stand alone or do I need to complete another Bachelor's degree? How much would premed courses cost at a good school (allowing me to apply to a great med school)? Are online courses available (excluding labs)? How much time do I need to complete these prereqs/degree? Is it possible to combine studies and working as an RN (full-time or part-time)?

After prereqs I'd have to take the MCAT and apply to med school, right? I've understood it's vital to maintain a perfect GPA during premed and have extracurriculars, what else? If I maintain my GPA, am I as good as anyone else to apply to even the best medical schools? Do I need a lifetime of savings?

I'd appreciate any helpful, informative and constructive feedback, thanks!

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Feb 24, 2018
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If the school accepts your BSN you should be good to go. I don't know if they do, and that's what youd need to find out. Also you'd need to take those prereqs with a competitive GPA (aim for 3.8 or higher. You definitely want a 3.7)

Premed will cost me total 50,000 including rent and food.