Foreign nursing question

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Jun 3, 2002
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I received this email from a friend of mine; any input on this situation?

"I'm currently in France, teaching English to elementary school students and doing some private lessons on the side. I have this one client who has a complicated situation. She is a middle-aged women with three kids ranging from 18 to 12. She is a nurse and works with the deliquint youth here in Lyon. After going on a motorcycle trip out west, she fell in love the U.S. and feels like she can provide better for her children by leaving France and coming to the United States. She has applied for her green card and plans to move within the next 12 months. She has no idea where or how. She would like to work for the armed services, as she has served for Frances Military- I think by going to Africa one time, and Iraq in '91 for the other occasion. She is very supportive of the war in Iraq. Her English is not very good, but I am able to communicate to her in English with a little bit of work. Are there low level jobs, or qualified nurse jobs, that might be available for this woman within any sectors of the U.S. armed forces?"


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Apr 16, 2005
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Nurses in the US Military are officers. In order to get a commission as an officer one must be a citizen of the United States.

May be a possibility to get a contract job though I have no idea how to go about that.