HPSP Branch Transfer Question

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Dec 18, 2020
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I am currently an Army HPSP in the process of transferring to Navy HSPS. I was wondering if anyone knows of someone who has successfully switched branches cause I have been having an incredible amount of difficulty with it and have a question regarding it. To put it into perspective, I have been reaching out and talking to people since around September/October and it took awhile to get ahold of my POC in the army and then it also took some time to find a navy recruiter. I've gone back to MEPS, I've redone my entire packet - just a long process. Originally the recruiter was optimistic about completing everything in November... but now it is February.

The newest problem is what I would like to talk to someone who has done a transfer about. The navy recruiter is saying it is possible that the army will make me pay back the loans for the first few years of my medical schooling. I was wondering if that is true and what other people's experiences were.

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You’re having a hard time because it’s in the best interest of the military to prevent it.

The navy recruiter is not your friend. He is trying to fill a quota. The very fact that he would continue working your navy packet after telling you that you would be liable to cut a check to the army for the first couple of years of HPSP couldn’t be more clear that he’s looking out for himself and not you. He is not helping you switch branches. He is encouraging you to default on your army contract and write you a navy one. And if you are already two years into your army contract, at most, the Navy is going to pay for two years, but I’m pretty sure there’s a three-year commitment for that. Seriously, this guy is completely out to screw you. He wants you to write a check to the army for two years of what they’ve paid, have the Navy pay for two years, and then obligate you three years to the Navy.

And the irony of his attempted sodomy is he is a proud member of the branch you so desperately want to join.

To answer your question. I knew one guy that jumped from Army to Air Force but it was at the end of his Army residency. AF chief of staff at the time was a family friend he had known since childhood.
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The navy recruiter essentially said they were escalating the claim up the chain and that it was essentially up to a higher-up to decide if it would be necessary or not.

But, in defense of my recruiter, he told me point-blank that if the verdict comes back and the army wants me to pay it back, I should not switch branches. He told me if I still wanted to, he would help me, but that it wasn't a great idea.

One strong reason that I want to transfer is because my fiance is in the Navy (HPSP too) and we would like to stay together if at all possible during residency. If I stay Army, that would make it much more difficult to happen - we would be putting all of our eggs into one basket at that point and hoping we both get residency at that one location (Walter Reed).

It is a really hard decision to be honest. That is why I wanted to talk to someone who had done it before. Everyone in the Army and Navy keep telling me that it hasn't been done before, but I've read posts and seen comments where people have.
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Thanks for the clarification. I take back some of what I said about your recruiter. I just can’t take it all back.

Never date another military member and if you do, never outside your branch. Just leads to misery. 😉
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That is understandable and fair.

A little too late for that. :lol:

Currently, I just feel in limbo. I am wondering if I write an appeal letter if that would help.