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Mar 8, 2003
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While some us are still nursing our wounds from the MCAT battlefield, I thought it would be good to pool the contents of various forms into one thread. Hopefully this localized piece might help others and potential re-takers like me as we course the route of vengeance on the August MCAT--obviously after assessing our April scores this June and where we want to go from there.

Don't forget to add your thoughts on your form--easy, hard, raped, etc. . .

Here I start with form DK--copied from the "form DK" thread:

PS--not according to order (tough devil)

I. Adsorption of CO or O2 onto Pt surface for determining CO2 formation. Also temperature dependence was studied. (doable IMO)
II. Humic-fulvic water crap (doable)
III. periodicity (can't remember passage, but it was doable)
IV sounds and reverberations (thinky, but doable)
*horror movie tune starts*
V. magnetic fields and the earth (doable)
VI. NASA crap in space: saturn satellite, momentum, speed ratios
(got some bullets here)
VII. Newton's law of gravitation and orbits
VIII. ocean buoy testing(I think I got shot real bad).
IX. ph and color crap. did this last in 4 minutes. had to best-guess this passage after skimming.
X. alkane plus chlorine radicals (probably confusing with BS after the MCAT's reign of terror saturday).
XI. truck and cargo-inclined plane and center of mass

can't remember the rest

VR. (mixed feelings)
I. abstract art, their divergence and unconcious expressionism (easy for me)
II. myth and psychoanalysis (easy)
III.interconnectedness of the world, mohave desert and sea nature's threat (doable)
IV. Rosseau and education for the mind (easy
V. Parochial and universal concepts for contesting the tendency to claim aliens bear human features.
VI. Understanding the past via antiques
(I have no clue what the 10 passage questions were--evidence I was raped here.)
VII. bte and refuge nonsense,
VIII. dinosaurs (icythosaurss or so),
IX. music and trance. For the last 4 or so passages I either knew the answer or I was guessing.

BS (Ok in general)
I.malic acid and cyanide garbage (easy)
IIvaccine production---immune system abd big proteins, small and big carbohydrates (doable)
IIIyeah, the CRABS! crab-echinoderm symbiosis. it was ok at any rate, but it was like an experimental passage.
IV. orgo with X=S, Z=O R= CH2CH3 (nitrophenyl ketone)
V. RNA editing
VI. DNA and PKD disease.
VII. muscles and ligaments
VIII. Drosophilia and vg and vg+
IX. Intervetebra disk herniation
X. Two hypotheses proposed on insect cell differentiation.
XI. transplanted heart, cardiac output, intrinsic and extrinsic signals.



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Jan 7, 2002
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here's what FK looked like: PS/BS pretty straightforward, Verbal hard.

PS - collision with car/truck, optics of eye, combustion reaction, some Cr3+/6+ passage, some Ti passage, some passage on measuring thermocompressibility constant or some crap,

VR- private club/law...a fast food passage, Plato and Aristotle, meteors and stars, Meaning of order, the discovery of New testament or something like that, and some other weird crap.

BS- passage on the nitrogen compounds in the urine of birds, sx1/dsx/tra crap in drisophila, orgo with some terpene furan junk, passage about B/T/and NK immune cells, passage on Cystic Fibrosis,
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