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Apr 20, 2002
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So what did you think of DK exam.

Verbal- I was doing fine for the first three passages; but the middle passages were so boring and I really had a hard time concentrating. I was upset because I had 2 passages left with 15 minutes, so I decided to do the 2nd last passage, instead of the last one which dealt was easier to read; so with 5 minutes left I pretty much guess on the last passage

Physical- really tough to say; I kinda wished they were more "plug in the formula" problems, but it was mostly concepts, such as
1)why is Br2 more reactive in reacting tertiary radical than Cl2. I narrowed it downed to two choices( Br2 is less endergonic or More endergonic); also discrete questions such as why does water coming from a hose which is pointing up increases surface area. SOme of the passages were just too wordy.

Biology- I thought this section was alright since biology strong point. Chemokine passage wasn't too bad. The respiration passage was very indepth. The orgo was tough though.

Overall, I felt the exam was diffult! Oh well, at least I tried my best!


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Apr 20, 2002
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After having read the comments on other forms, I felt DK was a whole lot better.

Verbal was a bit tricky but they were interesting passages. You could definitely tell which ones to skip for later. But I got done in time.

Physical sciences I felt comfortable with. I didn't get that index of refraction question. Other than that, the G Chem was good. Had a lot of Le Chatliers and acid-base. Interesting how they asked us who the speed and pressure of gases or liquids principle was attributed to (Bernoulli of course).

Biology was good. The passages weren't extremely difficult. No messy genetics. Liked the immunology a lot. I believe we had two passages on cancer. I felt that the most difficult section was the interpretation of the treadmill data. Reviewed it when I had free time. O Chem was also good in that we had less O Chem than Biology.

Overall, it was a tough exam. I'm going keep up with work book problems until June 20th when we find out our scores.

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