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Nov 22, 2002
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Anybody else have this form?

Here are my impressions:

PS: not too bad... about the same difficulty as AAMC practice tests.

VR: really kicked my butt. I plowed through the first four passages in ~30minutes, which were pretty easy. Starting with the fifth passage, however, everything went downhill. The difficulty of the passages and questions increased ten-fold. I spent so much time on the last half, I only had 6 minutes to read and answer the questions on the last passage and ended up guessing on all of them. I scored 11-12 in VR on all practice tests so I don't know what happened. :thumbdown:

BS: I didn't think it was bad. Fairly straight forward...about the same as AAMC tests (6R & 7).

I'd be interested to hear others impressions.

Also- if anyone has to take the test in the Philly area in the future, I'd recommend Villanova. The facilities were quiet and uncrowded. We started PS by 8:40 and finished slightly after 4 o'clock.


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Nov 1, 2003
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See this thread. I had EG and it seemed pretty similar in difficulty to the practice tests. The PS had some optics which, to me, is pretty dim and fuzzy stuff. Also some pressure questions for which I couldn't remember the formulas and had to derive them on the spot.

How does the form numbering work? Are EG and EH closer than, say, EG and AD?
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