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    The PharmD I am currently working with is terrible. He has been at this for 25 years, and he sucks.
    #1) Unable to use Clinical Pharmacology (to look up drugs).
    #2) Put in physician's orders for pre-op: PUT IN WRONG PHYSICIAN'S ORDERS
    #3) Had a nurse call about some nasal ointment we are out of, so asked him to see if there was substitute, etc....he just told her we were out. :(
    #4) Asks ME to clarify nurse's scribbles....(um, no I don't tell him, even if I know).
    #5) Doesn't understand how we dispense narcs (not that it is important).
    He has been in a hospital setting for all 25 years he's been a PharmD, and he has worked here 7 months. He should know what he is doing.
    I know that this might encite "well, you'll think differently if/when it is you". Maybe I will, but 25 years is a long time to be clueless... :confused:
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